Monday, September 18, 2006

Travel nightmare

I'm in training this week. I expected that I would be able to catch up on a lot of little things that I've been putting off. Well, that hasn't gone well so far. My plans were that I would get to Dallas about 8 and be in my hotel by 9 for a good night sleep before training this morning.

Reality set in before I even got out of Bloomington. My flight out of Bloomington was scheduled for 3:30. I made it to the airport on time. While waiting, a giant storm blew through and delayed my flight. It was announced as being delayed for 2 hours. I ran up to the vending machine and bought a soda then got on the computer. It took me a while to get online and I checked my email, then they announced that we had been cleard to leave. It ended up being just a 40 minute delay. Since the department of homeland security doesn't trust the Coca-Cola bottling company I had to chug my coke before getting on the plane. I think this may have been a mistake. I got ill on the plane. I've never had a problem with flying before, but I had cold sweats and was holding the vomit bag praying not to need to use it. I felt bad. It didn't help that we flew through non-stop turbulence and the plane was constantly bouncing a lot.

Chicago wasn't much better. My connecting flight was the only one that got out on time. I missed it. I also had to run to the bathroom and throw up after getting to Chicago. With as bad as I was feeling, I was beginning to think that missing the connecting flight was a blessing. I was able to get booked on the next flight, and it was scheduled for 8:30. Before long the flight got pushed back to 9:30. 3 gate changes later, I was ready to board. But no, the announcer comes on and says, the flight attended didn't show up , we are waiting on a replacement. Finally we get on the plane...9:50. I feel sick still.
10:20 we are finally all on board, we've taxid out. I'm trying not to throw up. The seat on the new flight for me is the back row. My seat doesn't recline. I'm sitting with the bathroom right behind the wall from me. It stinks.
10:25. The pilot announces that engine number 2 won't start. We need to go back to the gate to get it fixed, but since the airport has so many planes late, it will take a while before there is a road open for us to get back.
11:00 we are back at the gate getting the engine fixed. I'm trying to fall asleep, but I still feel like throwing up. It must be about 90 on the plane, and the air is not blowing.
11:45 The pilot announces that the engine is working. Now we just need to wait for some ground crew to become available to push us backwards. Somehow, this multi-million dollar plane doesn't have reverse. All we need to do now is get out and push. I jokingly say let's just get out and push, those in the back few rows by me laugh. I resist the urge to stand up and yell it. I'm sure everyone is thinking it.
12:00 finally we are on our way. I'm so tired. I can't stay awake. I am in and out of sleep so many times over the 2 hours flight, I may have gotten about 30 minutes, but nothing was comfortable. At least I don't feel quite as sick this trip as I did the first flight.
2:00 we land in Dallas.
3:00 We have gotten off the plane and bags have finally come through baggage claim. Thankfully mine is on this flight, since I was supposed to be on a different flight.
3:30. The shuttle to the rental car place finally shows up. We stood there for 30 minutes, with the sign stating that it would be back in 11.5 minutes the entire time.
4:00 I am checking into my hotel.
4:30. I finally get everything settled in and lay down.
I overslept for class this morning. I didn't get up until 9 AM, class started at 8:30. I made it to class at 10. Thankfully, the first 2-4 hours of any weeklong training is really wasted, and I didn't miss anything important. I'm still sick. Hopefully after one good night of sleep I'll feel better.