Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tigers release Young

The Detroit Tigers released Dimtri Young

The article says it's entire performance related, but I don't buy that. Dimitri has been performing fairly well for Detroit in the years he's been there. He was the first big name guy that wanted to go and help the team rebuild. I think that there is something deeper here. Either the rehab didn't work and the team doesn't want to deal with that, or he's just a pain in the ass in the locker room. A cancer in the locker room can kill a teams moral. The tigers have not been winning since he came back, it makes more sense to get rid of the player and try to get back to winning than it does to stand by him.

At least baseball is different from football. His contract should mean that he continues getting paid through the end of his contract. In football when a player is released they are no longer paid, that's why the guaranteed signing bonuses have gotten so big. It's the only money that a team owes a player that it releases.