Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sign Language

After the second class I had a hard time remembering the new signs, but I kept at it and worked through my problems this week. Tonight we started with reviewing last weeks signs and I felt like I did very well. Erin kept telling the others not to encourage me. I guess she is worried that I'm getting a big head.

I find myself reverting back to my old ways in class of making funny remarks under my breath. It's both easier and harder to get away with it. Steve cannot hear my comments so I get away with them, that is until the others start giggling and he sees it.

Class with Steve is a ton of fun. He likes to tell stories, and be funny. He jokes when we stumble through our words trying to talk, but it's all good natured and we all laugh about it.

Tonight we started to work on phrases and communicating with signs rather than just learning words. It's strange trying to come up with things to say when you only know about 150 words.