Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sign Language Update

Class last night was fun. It was our teachers birthday, so we all sang and signed happy birthday to him. It was bad on both counts. He got several cards and a cake, which had happy birthday in hand signs on it. That was very cool. The cake was good.

After class I attended my first sign group. We stuck around and chatted just about things. We spent more time talking with our mouths than our hands though. I caught myself doing it several times. I would start a story in sign, then get excited about what I was telling, and take of verbally leaving my hands way behind. In the race, my voice always won.

Again I learned a bunch of new signs. There are a lot of everyday things that I don't know the sign for, so I'm planning on working on learning signs before being taught in class. I think the kids will love to be able to sign for the foods we eat and animals we see, so my plan is to start with learning foods and animals. There are so many songs that can have signs done along with them too.

I wonder if there are any special sign songs that exist.