Friday, September 15, 2006

Reggie Bush broke the rules.

It may not matter if USC goes undefeated this year. There were recently questiona about Leinart taking money from agents, and now Reggie Bush and his family have been reported to have taken $100K. What I find most interesting about this story is "The report was based on an eight-month investigation by Yahoo Sports". That's right. Yahoo Sports is not just reporting what others do, they are doing their own investigations. That's real journalism by a free website.

What I always think sucks about this though, is that, if true, Bush broke all these rules while in college. Now he's making millions in the NFL and the punishment that he'll receive is to lose the Heisman, and get his college banned from NCAA competition for a few years. The school that he used to go to gets in trouble.

If the NFL really wants to stop this and make college players stay clean, it needs to set up it's own policy that if players take money illegally while in college they are banned from the leage for 5 years. It will indirectly ban players from life it they break the rules, because almost no player will be worth anything in the NFL 5 years after having played in college, even if they stay in good shape. Drew Henson is a recent example of that.