Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lowe's rocks!

You have been reading about my home improvement adventures. I purchased all of my supplies on a Lowe's credit card which gave me 0% interest for 1 year. Yesterday I received my first bill and it has 21% interest on it. I flipped out. I'll spare you the 10 minute random rantings of a crazed overcharged madman. I waited a day to calm down. After all, whoever I talk to on the phone will not be the person who setup my account incorrectly.

I called the number on the bill, and after an IVR which was only mildly annoying recognized that I wanted to talk to a person I got patched through. I explained to Adam that I made my purchase on a 0% for a year deal, and he said, ok, I have changed it.

What?? I've only been on the phone 4 minutes. This can't be right. Are you telling me that as a customer service rep you are actually serving your customers. That's awesome. I'm definitely taking my purchasing power back to Lowe's instead of Menards.