Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jonas being manipulative

Jonas has taken into doing what I would hope is a fairly normal part of being a stepson. He's trying to manipulate and tell me that his mom says one thing, then tells her that I'm saying something that I'm not also.

I know that lying to try to please your parents is normal for kids, but Jonas is a little early for it. There are several websites that discuss the lying phenomena.
Queensland Government

Several of Jonas' stories include me saying that I want him to cut his hair, or that I said it was ok for him walk on his cast.

I'm very grateful that his mother and I are pretty good friends. We know each other well enough to know that the other wouldn't say some of the things that Jonas has been saying, and if we question it, we don't have any problem asking the other one about anything that we are concerned about. Raising kids is hard enough, raising in a blended family can add another level of complexity to it. Trish and Erin and I will all have to work together to raise that little boy into a great man. I know we can do it.