Monday, September 25, 2006

Jaden update

Jaden didn't start walking while I was in training. He is progressing and is now walking along the couch with just one hand.

We have been trying to get Jaden to clap for a while. I'm not sure why he doesn't want to do this. He has the fine motor skills for it, but he won't clap his hands. It's starting to be frustrating for Erin. He can clap his feet, and does so regularly.

Over the past two weeks we have been showing Jaden the sign for more and telling him more when he had finished eating his fruit puffs. Then we would give him some more. Yesterday, we were playing with Jaden kissing him and tickling him. We asked if he wanted more and he did the sign for more. I mistakenly thought he had just clapped for the first time, and got excited. Less than a minute later he did it after we said the word more again, and I realized my original mistake. He is signing more!!! It's awesome. I was even more excited than I had been. I guess we'll have to keep waiting on that whole clapping thing. Maybe he just won't be much of clapping type of motivator.

Saturday while grocery shopping, we bought Jaden his first real pair of shoes. He has owned shoes, but he didn't ever wear them. This pair we bought for him to wear at school. He was very excited with them and kept clapping his feet together. I think he got used to the extra protection on his foot though. That night while eating his dinner he kicked the high chair tray and hurt his foot. Too bad he wasn't wearing his shoes.

I've read several places that today is family day. Strangely it is going to be displaced family day for me. Ady will be with Erin's mom, Jonas will be with his mom, and Erin has a meeting at work, leaving me and Jaden home alone.