Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jaden about to walk

Last Wednesday Jaden took his first steps. Erin and I were sitting on the floor a few feet apart. He needed some help to get his balance, but if he was balanced, he could take 3 or 4 steps before falling. In less than a week he's started try to walk away from the couch and turn himself around. He's still only getting 3 or 4 steps before falling, but he's so close. As soon as he gets moving he gets so excited that his feet start moving really fast and he can't get his balance. I was worried when I left for training this week that I'd come home and he'd be walking by himself. After talking to Erin tonight I don't think that's as likely. He's still progressing towards the walking goal, and I think he'll be there before he turns one. Ahh, that's just around the corner. I won't get into the insane rantings and conversations we've had about his upcoming birthday party, that can wait for another time.

Another quick note on Jaden's development. He finally started saying Mama tonight without being mad. He's been able to say it for about a month, but he would only say it if he was mad, any other time he would always call for dada. Of course he also knows ball, which comes out ba, and dog, which comes out da. But he very clearly looks in the direction of what he is saying with both of those. Erin was so excited tonight that she called me when he was doing it, but he wouldn't do it during the call. It figures that he won't perform on command.