Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fun with the kids

We had a fun ride back from the party with the kids in the car. It all started earlier this week. The kids were being super heros and Erin was "Evil Mommy", the vilain to scare all insecure children. At one point in the car Ady said "When I was a little boy, I used to play with boy toys. Mommy what's my name?". Erin told her, but I think Ady was looking for her superhero name.

Another Ady funny is when I call her Mistaken. She must think I'm saying Miss Taken, because she gets so upset and yells back at me, "No, I'm not taken, I'm ADY!" It's so much fun.

I can't remember even a quarter of what happened after that, but we giggled the entire hour drive home. It didn't seem that either kid could say things normal.

Jonas today was in the car and said, "Ady, you know what trading is? It's when I give you something and you give me what I want. So can we trade, I want your book, you can have mine". He didn't get to trade, Ady was too busy with the book to even acknowledge him.