Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fantasy Football Week 1

This is the first time I've ever played Fantasy football. I'm kind of excited about it. My cousin setup a free league through Yahoo, and my team was auto picked for me. I did spend a bit of time prioritizing some picks and I'm mostly happy with the team I have. I've already checked the free agents, and I am pretty much going to stick with what I've got, with the exception of releasing Tatum Bell and picking up Thomas Jones. Denver is still undecided on their RB, but I think Thomas Jones will gain over 1,000 yards again this year, as well as get the touchdowns, which is where points really rack up in Fantasy football. The only downside is that since my team wasn't picked until last night, I can't get the change in place fast enough for week one. I think Thomas Jones will do well against GB this weekend, and I wish I could have him.

Here is my team.
Trent Green (KC)QBNo
Drew Bledsoe (DAL)QBYes
Rod Smith (DEN)WRNo
Donal Driver (GB)WRYes
Javon Walker (DEN)WRYes
Keyshawn Johnson (CAR)WR
Tiki Barber (NYG)RBYes
Cadillac Williams (TB)RBYes
Tatum Bell (DEN)RBNo
Jason Witten (DAL)TEYes
Dallas Clark (IND)TENo
Adam Vinateri (IND)KYes
Sebastian Janikowsi (OAK)KNo

Did anyone else find it funny that Brian Griese is auto ranked to be picked higher than Rex Grossman, which one is the backup?