Monday, September 11, 2006

Fantasy Football Week 1 Results

AAHHHH!!! It's not good. My players let me down big time. Of the players I had, I did start the ones that earned me the most points, however, I didn't earn many points. Trent Green was injured and earned zero points, I'm glad he was on the bench. But my quarterback through enough interceptions to negate his touchdown, and none of my players scored a touchdown. There were 2 defenses that the defense alone practically earned more fantasy points than my entire team. I'm sitting in 5th (of 7) with no players in tonights games. Now I need to re-evaluate everything and see if there is anything that can make my team better for next week. I may be out of luck though, I think I've pretty much scoured the free agent list and feel that my current players are stronger than what's on the free agent list. I guess I just hope for better luck from my players next week.