Friday, September 01, 2006

Clinton-Gore for president?

It's clear that Hillary has been setting herself up for a run as the first female in the white house.
This recent poll on FoxNews shows that neither she nor Gore currently hold a lead over either Republican candidate that is favored. I find this very strange since Gore vs. Bush was so dynamic as well as Bush's rating being so low.

I haven't heard of Hillary having done anything while a Senator to screw up her chances for anything. Could a Clinton-Gore ticket re-unite the Deomcratic party against the Republicans? It could be that the familiarity would have voters turning out. They can even re-use campaign material from the past making the run for Presidency cheaper. Of course that would really depend on Gore wanting to help the democrats and serve his country rather than run it. Turning down the vice presidency with a mindset of "President or nothing" is a good thing. If you can't put yourself in a position to serve then we don't really want you in a position to lead.

In an era where a father and son served in the white house with only one president between, we seem almost eager to put a husband followed by his wife into the White House. Maybe after she serves for 8 years Jeb Bush can take it, Will Chelsea be old enough to be the 2nd female in the White house after another 16 years? How long can we keep the Democratic/Republican battle between just two families; the elite of America being contained within just these two bloodlines?

Maybe Guliani is the Republican savior. It's clear that he was the face of Patriotism after 9-11, but I have no idea what he's done that would merit a run for presidency. However, anymore all you need is for your name to be well enough known. I would think that Colin Powell is the best qualified Republican, but he is standing by his statement that he does not want to be President. It makes sense, no one with good leadership abililty really wants to be President. It is a position which takes a lot of blame, but doesn't actually have a lot of authority. The real power comes from congress, which the white house has to bargain with to get anything done. And it's a place where leadership goes to die.

What will it take for our goverment to allow our country to flourish again? We are faltering, failing at educating our children, losing business, dependent upon the Middle East, which we constantly declare as our most evil enemies. The only thing we export in America is jobs. As the country that is the most fruitful we should hold more sway in the world. We can feed it, as well as we have some of the biggest wallets. Let's put them back to use the way we need to. Cut the red tape and let American's trully be innovative again. Cut taxes, cut government. We need more protection from criminals, not more government.