Sunday, September 10, 2006

Book Review: Chrysanthemumm

Chrysanthemum is a great childrens book. This is one of my favorite stories to read. The message in it is great. Chrysantemum's parents support her and raise her spirits even when her classmates make fun of her name. Finally a teacher that the children adore says that she has the long nam too. Then the other kids all want to be like chrysanthemum. The catch phrase from the book is "Absolutely perfect". I love it.

I find several other things interesting in this book. The illustrations are awesome, bright and colorful. Chrysanthemum's father has wonderful phrases in this book. After her mother says "Your name is beautiful", he continues with "And precious and priceless and fascinating and winsome." The next day after coming home and telling her parents about being made fun of, mom says "They're just jealous." But dad has to continue supporting his daughter with "And envious and begrudging and discontented and jaundiced." Holy cow. These are some great advanced words to help your childrens vocabulary grow. My kids haven't been curious enough to ask what they mean yet, but they are hearing them at a very young age.

The one last thing that I find interesting in this, is that when Chrysanthemum is coming home from school, her dad is reading self-help books to help them get through her tough times. First he's reading "The Inner Mouse vol. Childhood Anxiety". Then he's reading "A Rose By Any Other Name... Understanding Identity".

We also own Owen and Oh by Kevin Henke and Owen is another one of my favorite stories to read to the kids.