Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blazin hot

Tonight I went out for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. I love being able to eat wings and watch baseball, so I was excited when I heard from one of my fellow attendees this week that Thursdays are .50 boneless wings. I almost always get Spicy Garlic when I go. It's about as hot as I'm comfortable with. Tonight I decided to venture outside my comfort zone and order half spicy garlic, but the other half, Asian Zing. Ok, it's not far outside my comfort zone. They are right next to each other on the heat chart.

I got my food and started eating and was shocked at how weak I felt. I have never had the spicy garlic hit me this hard. I must be getting weak, so I had a couple more figuring I would settle into it. Nope, I was feeling worse and worse. I noticed that my Asian Zing had a sticker on it telling me what it was, so I checked the other one. It was Blazin hot. Hrm. That sounds hot, let me check the menu. I'm glad they keep it at the table. No wonder I'm not feeling well. Blazin hot is as hot as it gets.

I've had hotter food before, but this is as hot as I've had several wings out to eat. Now an hour later I'm still a little shaky. I did handle the hottest that they had to offer, but I won't be ordering it again any time soon.