Thursday, August 24, 2006

Why Leaders Can't Lead

Leaders must create for their institutions clear-cut and measurable goals based on advise from all elements of the community. They must be allowed to proceed towards those goals without being crippled by bureaucratic machinery that saps their strength, energy, and initiative. They must be allowed to take risks, to embrace error, to use their creativity to the hilt and encourage those who work with them to use theirs. -- Warren Bennis from Why Leaders can't Lead.

And who should read this book?
"Why Leaders Can't Lead is intended for everyone in a position of leadership, or aspiring to such a position; for all those concerned with who is elected, promoted, or appointed to leadership in any kind of organization. It is meant for anyone who holds a government office; anyone in public service. It is addressed also to professors of business, political science, and public administrators; all department heads, deans, administrators, presidents, and chancellors of universities. It is intended for anyone interested in the future of this society."

Yeah, he could have saved me a few seconds by shortening who should read it.
"Why Leaders Can't Lead is intended for everyone!"