Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Vacation is over

Wow!!! What a vacation. Not a lot happened, but that's all well and good. I've gotten my batteries recharged. We had a great time although we didn't get a lot of pictures.

Driving through the hills in Southern Missouri by Branson is beautiful. It alone was probably worth the trip. I didn't have access to WiFi anywhwere. Those bastards in Branson want you to spend your money going to shows and I didn't find a single place that offered it.

We didn't do a lot. We rode the Ducks (yes, everyone in the country has probably done this, but we did it anyway) and we went to a show "Lost in the 50's" It was pretty cool. I thought the actors in it were funny to watch, almost high-school play quality, but with better singing. The whole theme was very cute though, and half of the show was watching "the World Famous Platters.", which with a little searching I have found that none of them were original members of the platters. This makes a lot more sense, because they all looked a little young to me.

Other than that we just drove around and sat around the rooms. It was too hot to do anything. It was over 100 every day we were there and they were calling for 100+ for the next two days as well.

I'll put more info (and a few pictures) about our vacation up later.