Monday, August 28, 2006


by Joyce Wycoff

Fifty years and four
have flown past my door.
I no longer have time
to not have time.

I do not have time to zoom past a field of flowers
glowing orange in the morning sun.
I do not have time to travel the world seeking
the wonders to be found in my own backyard.

I do not have time
to come back later
Or do it tomorrow
for tomorrow may never be.

I do not have time
to not slow down,
to put off a poem, delay a hug
or walk past a prayer.

I no longer have time,
for now, time has me.

I stole this in it's entirety from Joyce Wycoff. She deserves all credit. At only 30, I feel that these words are true, I hope you enjoy. Read her entire post if you like it.