Sunday, August 27, 2006

Something's not right with you.

I mentioned to Erin tonight that I am thinking about starting a new blog. One for just my "dad" posts. I know there are already 6 million parenting blogs out there. And I can't say that mine would stand out from them in any way.

Here's my thinking. My goal with this blog was to post about a nerds struggle away from the computer. Mostly, what is it that I do and who I am when I'm not being Mr. Geek! I have also got my Mr. Geek blog going. but I find that I have a lot of posts about me just being dad. I love these posts and want to try to focus more on them, but I also don't want to stop these kind of what do I do with my life type of posts. Plus, I've talked to my dad, and he said he would be a member of my blog and post articles of his own. I think my dad is a great dad and would love to see some of his thoughts out here in the blogosphere. However, I think just having him add articles to this blog would be out of place.

Erin's response was quickly, "There's something not right with you, you are trying to be too organized or something. Who would want to keep and post regularly to 3 blogs?" I do, I do. I know, my geek is showing, but I just can't hide it a lot of the time. All I'll have to do is add a second IV drip for caffeine. Mmmmm Caffeine. I don't know how anyone was able to live on almost no sleep before caffeine.

What do you think, should I have a separate blog for my parenting/dad articles? I'm looking for lots of comments here: Dawn, Trish, Erin, Mom, Dad, Paul, I know you guys are out there reading, anyone else reading I'd be glad to hear your thoughts too.