Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sign Language

Tonight is class 2. I have spent my lunch break reading some of the history of sign language. Wikipedia is awesome. I remember when my parents spent a large fortune on Encyclopedia Britannica, now I can get the same info for free.

You can read more about Sign Language at Wikipedia.

There is a link there for some Free ASL lessons. I read through some of this site and it has a lot of information to offer for free. I will definitely be coming back here to keep learning.

I was talking with a friend at work and she told me about other Sign languages. I had just assumed that there was ASL, which was like English. I knew that different countries have different signs, but as I read I found out that sign languages have local dialects and slang as well. Plus there are several different sign languages in the US that are common enough that they are not just local dialects. Check out the list of sign languages to see some of the other ones that exist or have existed in the past.