Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sign Language

I am starting something new. Tonight I am attending my first sign-language class. I wrote earlier this summer about Erin taking sign-language. After getting most of the way through the 2nd class, the instructor told the students that because the fall classes are longer, it is advised that they all take class 1 again. It is not advised that they take class 3 (even though they have taken the first 2) and they should also not just start in class 2.

I wish they would have advertised that on the original flyer. Instead, Erin will be slightly bored during the first several classes while I'm extremely excited to get into learning the signs. I know spelling and a few of the signs that Erin showed me, but now we'll both be getting on the same page. We can be that annoying couple who signs to each other out in public when we don't want others to know what we are saying.

Seriously though, this is something exciting that we plan on passing on to the kids. We want to sign while we talk during our normal lives, to allow our children to pick up the signs and be able to communicate with Bryan as he grows up.