Sunday, August 27, 2006

Home improvement progress

Well, it's been a while since I had some home improvement things to write about. It turns out that I am very slow at finishing drywall. As it stands now the boys room has had 3 coats of mud put on it and the living room has been sanded, but needs at least 2 more coats. Today my parents came over and me and dad spent about 3 hours working on the boys room and the living room. He learned a new way to "sand". Instead of using sanding blocks, we ran to the store and bought giant sponges. Getting the sponges a little wet we can work out the rough edges without having any dust. This was awesome, since Jonas was here today and he's very allergic to dust. The original goal of having the boys room ready by Ady's birthday has come and gone, but at least we have the chance to finish it before Jaden turns one.

Well, the hardest part, even once we get the mudding finished, is that the painting will be a problem. Erin's working now, and I have no idea when she, her mom, and Aunt Shel can get up there to paint.

At least I did accomplish something today. Ok, fine, for those technical people out there, my accomplishment was getting dad to come over and do it. But the bathtub drain had not been working right, and the toilet broke and stopped flushing this week. He fixed both of these today in about 15 minutes while I was still getting ready to start working. He's so awesome!!!