Thursday, August 10, 2006

Here today... gone tomorrow

Ok, I'm actually not gone until Monday night, but I'm gone none-the-less.

After a breif stopover at home (mostly to clean my laundry), I'll be off to Shaumburg to a training class. I've been looking forward to this training for months now. For my geek readers, I'm going to a Design Patterns training class. I think it will be awesome. I've been reading the C# Design Patterns book now for a month and I'm about 3/4 of the way through it. I hope to have completed it just before class starts (it may be a late night on Monday). That way I have a very basic general overview of what I'm going to be learning. My biggest problem with Design patterns is in recognizing when and how I can use them within the applications I write. I almost need another book "Thinking Design Patterns" (which doesn't exist), or something like that to help me get the right mindset. Maybe if I could just immerse myself in design patterns, and not write any program for a month or so that didn't use design patterns, then I would completely get it. As it is, I will probably still continue to struggle after the training, but hopefully, I'll be able to write better applications.