Monday, August 28, 2006

Dora is possessed

Ady got this great Dora doll for her birthday. It's a talking Dora called "Dora knows your name". Although it doesn't learn, which is strange, because there are great voice learning programs out there that can turn text to speech and even if it doesn't know a word it can learn how to say it. It has a name Adylynn, but it's not spelled the same, so the doll can say the name, but it won't be able to spell it. This doll can be programmed for a lot of things, including to tell you when it's time to eat.

Apparently possessed Dora has her clock backwards. Here it is 9 PM and Dora says, "It's time to eat." AAHHHHH!!!!! Possession, quick, dump a gallon of holy water on her. Duck!!! Here comes the vomit.

The Doll has an umbilical cord too. She plugs into the computer with a USB cable to download updates to the possession.