Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Day 1 Design Patterns training

Geek post.

Day 1 of the design patterns is over. Before class started this morning I was hoping it would be a lazy week. I wondered if we would get out early every day and if we'd have long lunches. We had a standard 1 hour lunch and I was back on time. Just after lunch things were moving along nicely and I checked the time, it was already 3:48. WHAT!!!! How could it possibly be that the time would go so fast. All of a sudden I prayed that the teacher would be so into what he was doing that we'd go until about 7 or 8 PM. then I could get almost 2 weeks of training in just 4 days. That would be awesome. I found myself daydreaming of all of the extra things we could cover and the awesome depth of understanding that I could have of the patterns that we cover.....

3:49, I snapped back to reality. Class is almost over, I need to make sure I pay better attention.

Being the good studious brown nosing student I am, I showed up at the 8 AM; the registration time according to the sheet. Apparently I was early, because the lady working there had to unlock the door to let me in. And she said "You're early, you're the first one here". I'm was glad to hear that, I would hope that they didn't let the first person in then relock the doors behind them.

The morning was the normal background, "I'm the teacher, blah, blah, blah..." "There's more than 20 of you so we will skip your introductions" (Thank God!!!! I don't want these people to know too much about me when I start asking stupid questions later this week.)

The teacher Greg Adams is awesome. He seems to have a great grasp of the knowledge, and has a good easy going, funny story, teaching style. I enjoyed day 1 very much.

Our first pattern was the facade patter, which is a pretty darn easy pattern, and is one of the few patterns that I understood before this class started. Basically though we just copied and pasted code. Since me and my lab partner finished in 2 minutes, I asked Mr Adams if we would get into more detail on the facade pattern, he responded "No, it's too easy, this lab was just to make sure that the mouse, keyboard, and development environment are setup correctly for you to build projects later on". What an awesome idea. I wish more of the things I've been to did that. Usually our first lab is something big and complex and we get lost chasing down something that's not the problem simply because we didn't make sure the environment was setup right to start with. (This is a lesson I have now learned, file that in the back under IMPORTANT - DO NOT FORGET).

As I'm sitting in the front row all the way to the left I turn myself to the side and look around at the rest of the class. I notice that they are all staring at the teacher, as if the knowledge will flow from him in a direct line of sight to their minds. I listen while I look around and think I must be the ADD student. I thought back to my school days, and I've always been the kid who sat in front, but liked to turn around and see what the others were doing. I liked to not pay attention and caused trouble. I doubt I was many of my teachers favorite students. Sure I had good grades, my mind is very sharp, but I don't pay a lot of attention to what the teacher does to absorb that. Maybe that's why I'm also so good at learning things by myself. I don't need to have it spoonfed to me, I just need a method for it to get into my mind. So ADD Steve is sitting in class, uncomfortable, shifting around looking at the other students, wondering how I can get more from this class while I'm here, and then I realize, focusing and paying more attention is probably the way. Great insight bonehead.

BTW - I thought of a great name for a seminar. The Object-Oriented Programming Seminar. I would love to go to OOPS!!!