Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cow races

I was driving over to a friends house the other day to try and fix her computer. On the way there, I saw a calf running out in the field. That got me thinking....

Why aren't there cow races like horse races?
Instead of little jockey's, they should have huge jockey's. Let's give all the 300 pound men something to do.

How long would a cow race be, 15 minutes for a quarter mile? Would we only want to run them 100 Yards?

Why haven't we read about the great races between runners and cows to see who can cover more ground?

I think there's a business possibility here. On your Mark.... Get Set.... Mooo

And their off...............Betsy is the first one to take a step, she's way out in front, in another minute or so she'll be out of the gate.