Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Catching up

I've been thinking about what to post for my 300th post for so long that I had gotten myself into a posting block. I didn't really have writers block because I have about 20 ideas for things to post, but I wanted to make the 300th special. I was even talking to Erin about it tonight and told her that I was still looking for the perfect thing to post for my 300th post.

Then while I was eating dinner I was reading "Yes or No" by Spencer Johnson. It's a book about how to make decisions. It says that in order to make good decisions, you need to focus on what you need and not what you want. If you don't understand why you are doing it then it isn't really important. For some reason, on a lot of different fronts this just kinid of slapped me in the face. I can't even really get into all of the disconnected thoughts that I had going through my head. One of them though, was that my 300th post is nothing spectacular at all. I'm posting things because I think I have something interesting to say that I think could help people. Sure it's a wide variety of topics, but my posting is really about others. My blogging goals are more about how many visitors and page hits I get. I decided that I have no reason to celebrate. In the one year and about 3 weeks now that I have been posting I have only been able to provide 300 glimpses of insight into anything. This is nothing. I'm in training this week, and I probably learned 300 new things today. I have no reason to celebrate 300 posts. I will have reason to celebrate when what I am writing is finally helping people. That is when I will celebrate. So from now on, the number of posts that I have will only be mentioned in passing.

I will however be working on getting some of the better posts that I have notes about up over the next few days. I have notes everywhere. I wrote 3 things down driving to training (which was hard writing and driving), I have notes on my computer and 6 or 7 sticky notes with topics on them. The great thing though... I am not having writers block.