Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A busy night

Originally I wasn't sure what was happening tonight, but it has turned out to be a busy night.

Bryan turns 1 on Friday, and we needed to buy him a present. Bryan is the reason that I'm going to Sign Language class in the first place. Erin, Aunt Shel and I are going to sign happy birthday to him while we sing. Steve (the teacher) taught us how. Speaking of Steve, we ran into him, and Aunt Shel, Jessie (Bryan's mom) and Bryan all at Target while we were out buying his present tonight. It's always fun to see someone I know in public and chat with them, but for some reason seeing and being able to sign even just a few words to Steve seemed even more special. I definitely like this whole signing thing and I'll have to make sure I practice very hard so I can be the teacher's pet.

I guess the night wasn't really that busy, but getting home, getting dinner ready, running to the store, getting back home and getting the kids to bed has taken the whole night. Now I'm sitting here with a core for a Granny Smith apple (the best apples) in my mouth writing a quick blog.

Oh and by the way, I have been using Desktop Sidebar to take little notes to blog later. I had a great one that I was working on and the darn thing ate it. I don't know what could have happened, it just reverted back to last weeks data and lost what I had been writing. I searched my entire hard drive for it and nothing. Ahhhh!!!!!!