Sunday, August 27, 2006

Blogger updates

Woohoo!!! Google has finally decided to make some much needed updates to it's Blogger software. You can take a tour of the new changes. Some of the features are definitely things that I have been looking for, such as not needing to remember to republish, and being able to categorize my posts (This one is Huge and may take care of the dad blog I just mentioned). However, I will not be updating until Google has the bugs worked out. I'm not sure how long that will take. Google is notorious for releasing a product in Beta and leaving it there for a long time. I had Picasa in Beta for a year. Why won't I upgrade yet? They don't have the template editing bugs worked out, unfortunately, this is enough to keep me from upgrading. I am always tweaking my info on the side; adding quotes, changing my currently reading list, and updating my what's on my list.

I'm excited that I could get new cool features to play with. If you missed the updates that are coming, you should check out the tour.