Thursday, August 10, 2006


Tonight we interviewed a babysitter.

What a chore that was. I wasn't sure what to ask. It's the first time that I'm looking for someone that I am not already very familiar with to watch my kids. Erin and I are going to take a sign language class starting in 2 weeks, and we need a sitter on Tuesday nights. It will only be for a few hours, but we need a school age kid who is ok with not being home. So basically we need someone who isn't involved in many things and doesn't have another job.

I think we both found someone that we are at least comfortable enough with to give her a shot. Before Michelle got here tonight Erin and I sat around bouncing potential questions off of each other for almost an hour. Even though I knew about 1,000 things that I wanted to ask I blanked when she arrived. This is the first interview for anything that I've ever given, and I didn't write a list of notes (I should have, I wouldn't have forgotten anything that way). We asked questions and prodded into her personal life and her school life and her religion. I asked all kinds of questions that I couldn't ask if I were interviewing someone at work. However, I am not an equal opportunity employer. I do care if the babysitter is Christian instead of Satanic. It does matter to me about drugs and grades and language and all sorts of things that are illegal to ask a potential business employee. But to me this is different. If she wants to watch my kids then I want to know a ton about her. The only thing she didn't have that I wish she would have is references. However, I always come back to my own issues when starting out looking for work. "You don't have enough experience". "But how can I get experience, if no one will give me a job?" Someone has to be the first. Someone has to start offering that experience. I hope that everything works well for both her and us.