Sunday, July 30, 2006

Thank God the weekend is over.

I am so glad the weekend is over. I have sweat so much and worked so hard. It will probably be Thursday before I even feel normal again. We mostly finished the boys room this weekend. Saturday we finished putting up the drywall, knocked out the old window and put in the new one. Plus we got one coat of mud up on the drywall. Today my mom and my wife worked in the room sanding and putting a 2nd coat of mud up. Dad and I worked outside. We ripped off the old siding, put up the foam board that goes between the siding and the house and put up the siding. Siding was new to both of us, so the start was a little trial and error. I think we did pretty good, and after we got the first three pieces up we found a rythm. We were able to side the entire outside wall of Jonas room today. However, everything being done on the roof in 95 degree sunny weather kicked my ass. I drank about 2 gallons of fluid today and still feel dehydrated. After we finally came in for the day (about 4:30) I sat on the couch and fell to sleep for an hour. I'm sunburned, which can only be in a funny pattern. My triceps and calves and face are sunburned, but that's about it.

Almost everything is done. Erin and I new get to finish the room with the rest of the mudding and sanding. The experience will be good since I have two other places in my house in the middle of being mudded. I also have to figure out how to get the siding outisde the other window that we put in Jonas' room. Getting onto the roof is not an easy job now that we have smaller windows in the room. I guess if my back pain goes away I could do everything that I need to while leaning out the window and looking down at it. I also have to get back out on the roof and caulk around the siding pieces that didn't quite work right. But all in all I think it looks great.