Monday, July 24, 2006

Remodelling first weekend

I will get some pictures posted soon, but things are hectic right now.

The first weekend remodel was very productive. I thought we got a lot done, but I'm not sure we have enough done to be finished at the end of the second weekend.

Friday night we ripped out drywall and lath and ripped out an entire wall and the closet. We took out the double window and the single window on the east wall. I thought that this would be a lot of fun, but mostly my arms and hands hurt from all the pounding.

Saturday morning we finished ripping down the celing pieces that we were getting rid of. Dad ran the wiring for the new outlets and the light in the closet. And the closet frame got put up. I put put up most of the insulation and put plastic sheeting over it to help that little bit more. We got one or two pieces of drywall up as well as covered up the double window that we removed.

Sunday. Things didn't seem to move as fast on Sunday. Probably because everyone was beat to death from the previous two hard days of work. I know I was. Just waking up Sunday hurt. Plus we were putting things up which goes a little slower than taking them out. Dad and Nick got the closet door hung. We hung some more drywall. Dad wired up the light in the closet and we made sure it worked. We got the window boxed in and hung. The window was very time consuming because the existing wooden frame was pretty rotten, so we had to rip out more than we planned on before getting started on it.

I'm not sure there will be an opportunity to work on it more this week, but if there is then I'll probably try to rip out all of the carpet. There is a pretty nice looking wooden floor underneath it. I will also try hanging a few more sheets of drywall. I'm not sure if my brother is coming back next weekend or not. He's a huge help because he's the most experienced of the three of us with doing this kind of thing. So not having him there is more than just being a pair of hands short, it's also being short of a lot of experience.

I'll try to get some pictures posted one night this week.