Monday, July 24, 2006

Mr. Construction

I posted the things that we did this weekend on the room, but I thought I would add just a bit more detail on some of the things that I did. I do a lot less than we do. In fact a lot of the more complicated stuff I was left out of completely. I don't mind too much because the room is getting done and I'm not just standing around doing nothing, I'm still very busy.

As my brother put it. I was the laborer and they were the carpenters this weekend. That stuck me with the job of cleaning up and carrying mostly. I got the tough job of picking up and tossing all of the broken plaster pieces from the floor, filling the garbage can, carrying it downstairs out to the dumpster, and dumping it. I made about 20 of these trips. I tossed a lot of stuff off of the roof into the dumpster. I ripped down plaster and lath. I vacuumed. We had to nail a piece of lath to each stud in order to keep the wall level; I got to do some of the wall studs and some of the ceiling studs. I put up the insulation (almost all of it), I even cut most of the insulation. It definitely felt like my brother was able to cut the insulation faster than I could. On top of all of the insulation I stapled up a layer of plastic to help add that little bit more of protection.

I got to cut a couple pieces of the drywall we hung and hang one of the pieces all by myself, which was kind of interesting since it was a triangle piece off of the floor, I had to put it up, lean into it and screw it in all at the same time without help. I was pretty proud of that one. Ok, fine so that one is the one that has the biggest difference between it and the sheet next to it. But I did it all by myself.

I didn't do much to help with the closet. I held some drywall up for my brother to put in. I held the window in place while it was being screwed in.

I cut out some of the studs to box in the windows we removed. And that about finishes the pieces that I got to touch this weekend with the remodel.