Monday, July 24, 2006

Mr. Construction 2

I was on such a roll this weekend with my construction that I took it a step further tonight.

In the past Jonas bed fell of the frame once because the box spring can squeeze through the frame somehow. I don't understand it, but it's happened. I had two boards on there already, but they also fell through. I took advantage of the extra wood that I was throwing away to get a wider piece that I could use to help hold his bed in place. Tonight I cut it to the right size and put it in. Now his bed should never fall again.

Since Jaden has been crawling up the stairs Erin has been after me to get a swinging gate. We had a pressure mounted gate, but the post for the stairs wasn't working right for it, so the gate was just sitting there. It didn't do a very good job of keeping Jaden down. The gate was only 3/4 open yesterday when he decided he was going to go around it. Tonight I hung up the gate too.

I'm just a regular handyman all of a sudden. What needs fixed next? Let me at it. I can do anything. Well at least I can clean up after someone else can do anything.