Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Me vs. Erin Round 1

Erin and I both have a blog. Obviously I think that mine is better at what I write about, and that hers is definitely better at being a blog about the kids and raising them.

We both keep track of our stats and on most days she beats me. I do have a few days that I edge ahead of her.

Today though the numbers are hugely in her favor. Well, hugely that is, with the small numbers that we get. She's sitting at 18 and I have 2 (one of which is Erin at least the other is not me). I told her that the day is not over and I can still come back. She replied with "Yeah right, in the bottom of the 9th." I don't know if it's because the All-Star game is playing, or if it's becuase it's 9 PM.

Anyway, it's on now. I'm going to keep posting and posting to drive up my numbers. Maybe somebody will find something that they like to read.