Friday, July 28, 2006

Jonas leg update

Last night Jonas was supposed to try to put some weight on his leg. He had sprained his ankle on Friday. He cried and said it hurt to even straighten his leg out. Today someone noticed that his shin was swollen above his ankle. After several opinions Trish took him back to the ER (she couldn't get into an urgent care place). It turns out Jonas has a big break in his leg.

Yikes, only 4 years old and he's broken a major bone in his leg. I 've been clumsy my whole life and I've never broken a bone that has been diagnosed (maybe a finger or toe, but I never had it diagnosed).

My only worry is if this break could cause a problem with the normal growth of his leg. He's going to be tall, will one leg have a problem? I have an uncle who has one leg that's 4 inches shorter than the other. He has to order special shoes, and I'm sure there are a lot of uncomfortable things for him to do with the differences. I guess if you have it your whole life you learn to adjust, I just worry for him.