Monday, July 24, 2006

Jonas hurt his leg

For all those Jonas readers out there, the poor kid fell and hurt his leg yesterday. It's a high ankle sprain. He was jumping and spinning at the same time like he does and when he landed the ankle just rolled up underneath him.

It did earn him another trip to the emergency room, which he's an old pro at, even though he's only 4, because of his asthma attacks.

He had a doctor visit today and the doctor said to keep him off of it for two more days. That boy doesn't sit still very well, I don't know how well he'll handle 3 days of idleness. I hope he doesn't get too annoying to Trish and her mom. I also hope they don't break down and let him annoy them to the point taht he's being moved from one spot to another every 10 minutes.

I'm sure they'll be alright. I know he will be. This kind of thing happens to kids.