Monday, July 10, 2006


Can hypnosis undo for me what years of negativity has done to me?

Last Thursday I went to a free hypnotist. I have been trying to lose weight for too long and not succeeding. I thought, anything is worth trying for free. It was an interesting 2 hours. Now I'm going through and using self-hypnosis cassette tapes to re-inforce the weight loss ideas that he put into my head.

I'll update from time to time on my weight loss. I have already lifted weights once and ran twice since then. I have also done better eating. That could just be a conscious thought. It's the long term that will really matter.

I have also set a goal for myself before fall is over to be able to run from my house to Aunt Shel's. That's a 7 mile trip. I don't plan on being able to run back though, Erin can pick me up. I think getting from 2 miles to 7 miles will be enough of a goal for one year. I definitely don't plan on getting to even a half marathon anytime soon though. I think 5-7 miles at a time will be more than enough.