Monday, July 10, 2006

Baseball's elite offensive stats

I was sitting back the other day thinking about Bonds and where he ranks in the all-time best players. Despite what people may think about his personality his stats definitely rank him with the best. He's the only player in the elite 400 HR 400 SB category, except he's also in the 500/500 club.

Then I got to thinking about the top of the charts in each category. There's magic numbers that are almost gauranteed to put a player into the Hall of fame, like 300 wins or 4000 strikeouts for a pitcher. 3000 hits, 600 homers. I was curious, what mark would put a player into the absolute elite for a category. Not necessarily the best, but in the elite, so I looked for a number that put them within the top few, and chose a number elite enough to keep it to the top 10 in each category.

Here's what I found

G8 over 3,000Pete Rose 3562Barry Bonds (24) 2,730
AB8 over 11,000Pete Rose 14,053Craig Biggio (28) 9,811
BB4 over 2,000Barry Bonds 2,311Barry Bonds (1) 2,311
RBI3 over 2,000Hank Aaron 2297 Barry Bonds (11) 1853
Hits5 over 3,000Pete Rose 4,256Craig Biggio (43) 2795
2B4 over 700Tris Speaker 792Craig Biggio (12) 604
3B8 over 200Sam Crawford 309Steve Finley (116) 112
HR4 over 600Hank Aaron 755Barry Bonds (2) 719
Run7 over 2,000Ricky Henderson 2,295Barry Bonds (6) 2,078
SB5 over 800Ricky Henderson 1,406Kenny Lofton (22) 567
K3 over 2,000Reggie Jackson 2597Jim Thome (10) 1762