Sunday, July 30, 2006

Thank God the weekend is over.

I am so glad the weekend is over. I have sweat so much and worked so hard. It will probably be Thursday before I even feel normal again. We mostly finished the boys room this weekend. Saturday we finished putting up the drywall, knocked out the old window and put in the new one. Plus we got one coat of mud up on the drywall. Today my mom and my wife worked in the room sanding and putting a 2nd coat of mud up. Dad and I worked outside. We ripped off the old siding, put up the foam board that goes between the siding and the house and put up the siding. Siding was new to both of us, so the start was a little trial and error. I think we did pretty good, and after we got the first three pieces up we found a rythm. We were able to side the entire outside wall of Jonas room today. However, everything being done on the roof in 95 degree sunny weather kicked my ass. I drank about 2 gallons of fluid today and still feel dehydrated. After we finally came in for the day (about 4:30) I sat on the couch and fell to sleep for an hour. I'm sunburned, which can only be in a funny pattern. My triceps and calves and face are sunburned, but that's about it.

Almost everything is done. Erin and I new get to finish the room with the rest of the mudding and sanding. The experience will be good since I have two other places in my house in the middle of being mudded. I also have to figure out how to get the siding outisde the other window that we put in Jonas' room. Getting onto the roof is not an easy job now that we have smaller windows in the room. I guess if my back pain goes away I could do everything that I need to while leaning out the window and looking down at it. I also have to get back out on the roof and caulk around the siding pieces that didn't quite work right. But all in all I think it looks great.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Jonas leg update

Last night Jonas was supposed to try to put some weight on his leg. He had sprained his ankle on Friday. He cried and said it hurt to even straighten his leg out. Today someone noticed that his shin was swollen above his ankle. After several opinions Trish took him back to the ER (she couldn't get into an urgent care place). It turns out Jonas has a big break in his leg.

Yikes, only 4 years old and he's broken a major bone in his leg. I 've been clumsy my whole life and I've never broken a bone that has been diagnosed (maybe a finger or toe, but I never had it diagnosed).

My only worry is if this break could cause a problem with the normal growth of his leg. He's going to be tall, will one leg have a problem? I have an uncle who has one leg that's 4 inches shorter than the other. He has to order special shoes, and I'm sure there are a lot of uncomfortable things for him to do with the differences. I guess if you have it your whole life you learn to adjust, I just worry for him.

Laptop hell

I've been looking for a laptop for a while. My home computer routinely freezes (2-3 times a day). There are no errors, the entire OS just locks up. There have been a few times that it did not even want to boot up nicely. Grrr! Oh well, it was a free computer anyway. And it's not completely done. If I can just get some time I can try installing a different Operating system and get that going. Oooh, I could have a Linux PC (Woohoo!!! I'm in Geek heaven).

Now. What to do about that pesky everyday PC problem. Well I can get more PC for the money with a desktop than a laptop (no doubt about that), but I'm already going to have a PC sitting there. I want a laptop so I can be super geek and using the laptop while I'm with the family anywhere in the house. "Kids it bath time, just let me get my laptop!". "Sure honey, I'll cook, just let me grab the laptop, there's a new recipe I want to try....What? somethings burning?! Good thing it's not the hard drive."

The real problem I have is that I want to be able to work on ASP and ASP.Net applications (more to come on this in a future post) and in order to do that I need Windows XP Professional. I was hoping to walk into Best Buy or Circuit City and get a laptop with 1 year no interest and pay as much off as I could before I transferred the debt to another credit card of mine. However, retailers no longer support small businesses. I think it's funny that web design/development is one of the easiest home business to start, but Best Buy won't help you buy a computer (laptop or PC) that you can use for it. All of the computers being sold now are for a person to use for a few simple purposes.
  1. Listen to music from iTunes.
  2. Watch a DVD
  3. Surf the internet. (I'd much rather build the internet)
  4. Check your email.
A computer can do so much more, but you have to do any and all of that yourself. I'm surpised that there aren't more Shareware or Freeware applications installed on computers to get you started. A linux OS comes with hundreds of free applications, most of which are also free for Windows if you know where to go get them. Why aren't retailers helping their customers out by providing some of these. Heck, don't even install them, just create the 100 bookmarks that let me go to each one and decide if I want it. However, with an insane amount of people still having 56K dialup, installing it and providing instructions on how to remove it will be faster for the customer than downloading probably even a single application.

Thus I am back to my problem of needing a computer with Windows XP Professional. It appears that about the best I can do is Staples online I can have a Compaq built for me for about 1100, but it's only a 14.1" screen, and if this is going to be my fulltime computer, I really want teh 15.4" screen. Which leaves me with a DELL for only 50$ a month (and 25% interest) over 2 years I will pay almost 50% more than the actual cost of the laptop to pay it off. AARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! I just need to walk down the street tonight and find about 800$ lying right there that I get to keep and then I'll be fine. I guess it looks like I'll investigate that Dell offer and see if I have to pay any penalties if it's paid off early. Tax money should be here in February (please, please, please say I have tax money coming).

Baseball Heaven

Ok, so the hall of fame isn't baseball heaven. Players don't go the the hall of fame to die, but they are dying to get into the hall of fame. I've been very blessed to be a baseball fan my whole life and can just tell who a hall of famer is going to be most of the time. Right now there are several players who are nearing the end of their careers that will be shoe-in's for the hall. I think the biggest decision on some of these is how many to put into the hall in the same year.

Here's my list of current players that are hall of fame guaranteed pitchers
1. Roger Clemens - 340+ wins and number two all time in Strike outs. Several
3. Greg Maddux - With 318 wins already and having just turned 40, he could end up with close to 360 if he wants to.
3. Tom Glavine - Another pitcher that could get his 300th win next year.
4. Randy Johnson - If he keeps at it, then next year he might get his 300th win. I still think that 300 is the magic hall of fame entry number. Pitchers with less can get in, but if you have the 300th win, you're a lock.
5. Pedro Martinez - I'm not personally a fan of his attitude, but he wins a lot and strikes out more. He's one of the most feared strike out pitchers that I've seen and he can shut down any team.

Feel good pick
John Smoltz - He doesn't quite have the numbers that make him jump out as the best, but with 170 wins and 150 Saves, and 2500 stirkeouts he's really impressive. He's been the backbone of the Braves pitching for all 14 of their division titles. I thihnk if he gets to 200 wins and 3000 strikeouts then he'll get in, but he's already getting worn out and I'm not sure he'll make it there.

Guaranteed non-pitchers
1. Barry Bonds - He's going to get the all-time HR record, and most likely pass 3000 hits as well as he's got the most walks ever. Plus he's the only 500 HR and 500 SB guy ever, and may be the only one for the next 15 years at least.
2. Ken Griffey Jr. - Most likely he'll end up with more than 600 HR putting him 5th all time. He'll probably also end up close to 3,000 hits. For years he was one of the most feared hitters in baseball, and he's got so many gold gloves in Center field (an incredibly hard position to play) that he's locked.
3. Frank Thomas - Yes, I keep mentioning awesome HR guys, but Frank is more than that. He's a Career .305 hitter and has led the league in walks so many times that he's in the top 5 all-time in walks. Most of his walks are earned by being patient while pitchers try to avoid his mighty HR power, he does not have a lot of intentional walks.
4. Craig Biggio - He'll cross the magic 3,000 hit mark. More importantly he's 12th all time in doubles and has 407 stolen bases which has helped to put him at 24th all time in Runs scored. Maybe he's not been a feared hitter, but he's definitely hall of fame worthy

There are several more younger players that are most-likely going to make it, but they are not close enough to retirement that I wanted to say they are guaranteed.
Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriquez, Ivan Rodriquez, Nomar Garciapara, Ichiro Suzuki, Jeff Kent, Mike Piazza, Carlos Delgado, and Bernie Williams

There will be more than these that make the hall of fame, I'm sure that a closer or two will make it, although I just couldn't bring myself to vote for a guy who pitches an average of 1 inning a game. I'm still a fan of the starter.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Longing to be outside

Unlike most bloggers, heck unlike most humans, I work in a box. I call the place I work a box because the 3 small windows it has are obscured from general view by executive offices. I'm not jealous of the executives. I don't admire their view of the parking lot and the back of a Cracker Barrel. However, I do wish that sometimes I could just glance up and see what it's like outside.

It was an odd feeling today as I leaned back in my chair, closed my eyes, and just listened to the outside. Ahhh! This is a great thunderstorm. It was almost like being there, only I'm still dry.

I may not be able to see the outside, but at least I can hear it!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Mr. Construction 2

I was on such a roll this weekend with my construction that I took it a step further tonight.

In the past Jonas bed fell of the frame once because the box spring can squeeze through the frame somehow. I don't understand it, but it's happened. I had two boards on there already, but they also fell through. I took advantage of the extra wood that I was throwing away to get a wider piece that I could use to help hold his bed in place. Tonight I cut it to the right size and put it in. Now his bed should never fall again.

Since Jaden has been crawling up the stairs Erin has been after me to get a swinging gate. We had a pressure mounted gate, but the post for the stairs wasn't working right for it, so the gate was just sitting there. It didn't do a very good job of keeping Jaden down. The gate was only 3/4 open yesterday when he decided he was going to go around it. Tonight I hung up the gate too.

I'm just a regular handyman all of a sudden. What needs fixed next? Let me at it. I can do anything. Well at least I can clean up after someone else can do anything.

Mr. Construction

I posted the things that we did this weekend on the room, but I thought I would add just a bit more detail on some of the things that I did. I do a lot less than we do. In fact a lot of the more complicated stuff I was left out of completely. I don't mind too much because the room is getting done and I'm not just standing around doing nothing, I'm still very busy.

As my brother put it. I was the laborer and they were the carpenters this weekend. That stuck me with the job of cleaning up and carrying mostly. I got the tough job of picking up and tossing all of the broken plaster pieces from the floor, filling the garbage can, carrying it downstairs out to the dumpster, and dumping it. I made about 20 of these trips. I tossed a lot of stuff off of the roof into the dumpster. I ripped down plaster and lath. I vacuumed. We had to nail a piece of lath to each stud in order to keep the wall level; I got to do some of the wall studs and some of the ceiling studs. I put up the insulation (almost all of it), I even cut most of the insulation. It definitely felt like my brother was able to cut the insulation faster than I could. On top of all of the insulation I stapled up a layer of plastic to help add that little bit more of protection.

I got to cut a couple pieces of the drywall we hung and hang one of the pieces all by myself, which was kind of interesting since it was a triangle piece off of the floor, I had to put it up, lean into it and screw it in all at the same time without help. I was pretty proud of that one. Ok, fine so that one is the one that has the biggest difference between it and the sheet next to it. But I did it all by myself.

I didn't do much to help with the closet. I held some drywall up for my brother to put in. I held the window in place while it was being screwed in.

I cut out some of the studs to box in the windows we removed. And that about finishes the pieces that I got to touch this weekend with the remodel.

Jonas hurt his leg

For all those Jonas readers out there, the poor kid fell and hurt his leg yesterday. It's a high ankle sprain. He was jumping and spinning at the same time like he does and when he landed the ankle just rolled up underneath him.

It did earn him another trip to the emergency room, which he's an old pro at, even though he's only 4, because of his asthma attacks.

He had a doctor visit today and the doctor said to keep him off of it for two more days. That boy doesn't sit still very well, I don't know how well he'll handle 3 days of idleness. I hope he doesn't get too annoying to Trish and her mom. I also hope they don't break down and let him annoy them to the point taht he's being moved from one spot to another every 10 minutes.

I'm sure they'll be alright. I know he will be. This kind of thing happens to kids.

Remodelling first weekend

I will get some pictures posted soon, but things are hectic right now.

The first weekend remodel was very productive. I thought we got a lot done, but I'm not sure we have enough done to be finished at the end of the second weekend.

Friday night we ripped out drywall and lath and ripped out an entire wall and the closet. We took out the double window and the single window on the east wall. I thought that this would be a lot of fun, but mostly my arms and hands hurt from all the pounding.

Saturday morning we finished ripping down the celing pieces that we were getting rid of. Dad ran the wiring for the new outlets and the light in the closet. And the closet frame got put up. I put put up most of the insulation and put plastic sheeting over it to help that little bit more. We got one or two pieces of drywall up as well as covered up the double window that we removed.

Sunday. Things didn't seem to move as fast on Sunday. Probably because everyone was beat to death from the previous two hard days of work. I know I was. Just waking up Sunday hurt. Plus we were putting things up which goes a little slower than taking them out. Dad and Nick got the closet door hung. We hung some more drywall. Dad wired up the light in the closet and we made sure it worked. We got the window boxed in and hung. The window was very time consuming because the existing wooden frame was pretty rotten, so we had to rip out more than we planned on before getting started on it.

I'm not sure there will be an opportunity to work on it more this week, but if there is then I'll probably try to rip out all of the carpet. There is a pretty nice looking wooden floor underneath it. I will also try hanging a few more sheets of drywall. I'm not sure if my brother is coming back next weekend or not. He's a huge help because he's the most experienced of the three of us with doing this kind of thing. So not having him there is more than just being a pair of hands short, it's also being short of a lot of experience.

I'll try to get some pictures posted one night this week.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Remodelling to commence

This morning the materials for the room arrived from Lowes. And the dumpster for the garbage were both there before I left for work.

The only missing materials was the fanfold stuff to go under the siding to help keep the house slightly more insulated. That will be delivered shortly the driver assured me.

Now I need to get some before pictures taken so I can put them online later.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Overweight kids and TV

Erin and I have been talking a lot recently about why we eat at the dinner table instead of in front of the TV. I practiaclly grew up eating in front of the TV. When we didn't have a TV in the kitchen we almost always ate in the family room, when we finally did get a TV in the kitchen we ate there more, but always with the TV on.

At my parents that is still the case, it's rare that we eat without the distraction of the TV. I also used to pig out in front of the TV and just eat as long as I was watching.

I was curious if there was any research that linked couch potato to large people. It's a known phenomenon or "couch potato" wouldn't be so synonymous. I was such a couch potato growing up, that one year for Christmas I actually received a couch potato as a gift (I got this link from Ebay and don't know how long it will be good).

I found several articles talking about obesity from eating in front of the TV. The BBC has a story about a study done in the 70's in New Zealand. They do have clear evidence that the two are linked but the study is old.

Another study done in 1998 discusses how childhood obesity has caused a rise in childhood diabetes. It states
Television, video games and computers also add to the problems of sedentary living. Studies by Dietz showed that childhood obesity is related to the amount of time spent watching television.

"But television viewing is not a single behavior," Dietz said. "It represents a marker for inactivity and altered patterns of food consumption. The more television a child watches, the more likely they are to consume foods advertised on television and the more likely it is that those foods are high in calories."

Another study in 2002 showed that TV does link to overweight children, but more closely links to children with TVs in their bedroom.

Finally, a study in 2003 links TV watching and Soda consumption to overweight kids.

There are many other studies out there. I have only seen one which said that TV is not linked to overweight kids. And I saw one which stated that kids who get overweight (for whatever reason) have less friends, and thus just utilize their now alone time in front of the TV instead of doing something else.

Personally I think that the problem is two-fold.

First, I think an overabundance of TV in children leads to a more sedentary life-style, and even though they may not be overweight as a child, the lifestyle learned leads to being overweight later in life.

Second, I think that as kids do become overweight, they don't want to do the physical activities anymore and they choose to watch TV and play video games. These alone don't make them fat, but they do continue to add to the weight problem that already exists.

Finally, some kids are going to be genetically predisposed to be thin and can get away with doing everything wrong, while others are going to be bigger no matter what they try. I advocate a healthy lifestyle. Healthy food and very little TV. Make the TV that you watch at least be educational, don't waste your time just to watch something, learn something. And make sure that as a family you get active. Take your kids out to the park, but don't just sit and watch them, run around with them, interact. Make sure your children know that you play too.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Boys room remodel

Well it's almost time for all of my before and after shots of the room. I'm sure to have a lot of in progress shots as well. Friday my dad and brother are coming down. We are going to practically gut the boys room and fill it back in. I'm nervous because everything hinges on the delivery of materials (which is supposed to be here tomorrow) and the dumpster (which is supposed to be here Friday). If something is not here in time though, then we will be stuck with scrambling to get things going. I'll be mad if the materials are not here on time. I did have to pay an extra 50$ to have them shipped. It's still a lot cheaper than going out and buying a truck.

Tonight I took a bunch of totes out of the boys room in preparation. Tomorrow we should be able to get all the rest. That way Friday night when they arrive we can get to work tearing things out.

The plan is that Saturday we rip everything out, and then on Sunday we try to get the windows put in enough that the room is not having heating problems for the week. Friday I think is a demolition bonus night.

Then the room will probably sit for the week. I have to work late on Monday (with 2 deployments at work), Tuesday Erin has class, so I get to watch Ady and Jaden, Wednesday I'm going to try to fix a friends mom's computer. Thursday I'll be able to do some more work in the room. We are taking Ady to visit the Tae Kwon Do place in town, but there will be a lot of time after that. Then Friday my dad and brother should be back to help with hanging the drywall and putting the siding up.

I expect that I will have a little more help from some of Erin's family. Her dad said he would stop by some day. He's got to be more handy with tools than me, everyone is. And James is supposed to stop by on tear-down day, which may help to make it go faster.

Cubs 3B coach arrested for DUI

The Cubs third base coach was arrested for DUI while driving his motorcycle. Who can drive a motorocycle drunk? I can hardly walk.

How many times has he been coaching 3rd drunk for the Cubs this year? It wouldn't show, it's so rare that they even have players on base that he needs to do anything. Although, when they are on, they do seem to be getting the wrong signals with all the base-running mistakes they've had. Maybe he is sauced on the field. It makes me think of Harry Carry, he had to be drunk to announce the Cubs games too.

I think they got this all wrong though. if the Cubs want to win they need to offer the opponents alcohol, then maybe they will stand a chance.

As a man Thinketh

I was pointed in the direction of a free eBook a few weeks ago. I thought, "hey a free book about how to better myself, I'll take it." I love to read and I love to try to better myself in every way. The book is As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. I don't expect to get too excited by finding a new author, since he died before either of my grandmother's were born. Still, there are a few other books he has that I may add to my collection.

This book is definitely worth it, it's free! It's a 28 page PDF document, with only about 24 pages of text to read. I finished it in an hour. It's basically an "if you can think it you can do it, and if you think it it will happen to you book". I can see most of the philosophy of Napolean Hill in this little book. Napolean Hill does still take it a couple steps farther especially in adding real-life stories to prove his point.

There is a warning though. The website that gives you the book for free will send you an email daily trying to get you to buy something else. I have only glanced at what they have, but I haven't been impressed. However yesterday they did have an offer for Connie Podesta that ends in 6 days. There's a lot that you can get for some good discounts. I won't get them myeslf, I don't have my budget set up to get things like this yet. But if you do then this could be a great deal for you.

Men are from Mars

I know the phrase Men are from Mars Women are from Venus has roots back in Roman mythology. I think that this is an outdated phrase. Mythology is not taught in schools anymore. Most people don't realize that Mars is the god of war and that Venus is the god of love. Most just think of these as planets anymore.

Therefore I have come up with a new phrase that means the same thing but works for today.

Men are from ESPN women are from Lifetime.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Childproof house

Jaden is completely mobile now. I have been amazed at the things he has been able to find. I thought our house was childproof because we have 2 other childs. But it's not. It turns out that other childs actually make a house less childproof. They are able to get into more things and leave them out. The things that I would never get down, always seem to be on the floow.

Sometimes I feel like my job as a parent to Jaden is to be the human Dyson. I have to run around after him and vaccuum up everything that he has found in order to keep him safe.

I remember the other kids putting things in their mouths when they were little, but Jaden seems to have taken it to a new level. He loves paper, books, toys, any little piece of anything that he finds. But probably his most favorite thing in the house to chew on is the dog toys. The Kong is a godsend. If you don't have a dog, I would still highly recommend getting one of these for your infant. This along with some of the other red rubber chew toys seem to be awesome for his teething. Strange because he won't touch his own teethers. Ah well, I know that he's at least getting something sturdy to chew on. A dog is not supposed to be able to tear these up, and he's definitely not as strong as a dog.

"I don't like it."

Lately, while he's at my house, Jonas has had a bad attitude towards his own artwork.
He's overly critical and will throw a fit after having drawn just a single line because he doesn't like where it's going. He'll just get started with something then crumple it up and say "I don't like it. I need another paper."

Jonas I fear has gotten some of my young perfectionism in him. I remember having many fits of my own all the way through high-school with band. I would throw a fit, scream, yell, and cry. It wouldn't matter. If I didn't do something up to my own standards, I was mad and that was that. Through college I had several awakenings that helped me to change my outlook on my own performance in things.

Jonas is doing some of those same things. He will get frustrated with his own singing or drawing or painting. He will get mad if his letters don't look as good as he wants them to. The frustration is in a lot that he's doing. I always try to assure him that I will love him no matter what, and that him trying makes me happy. He doesn't have to be the best at everything. Am I proud about how smart he is for 4? Absolutely. And I do what I can to encourage him to keep developing that. I don't even think that it's for bragging rights. I think the more I can instill into him a learning attitude at this age, the easier all of school will be for him. My only fear is that things will be so easy that he's bored. School systems don't encourage kids to push beyond the minimum expectations and as such many smart kids get bored and burned out.

But for now the biggest thing is that I have to not only instruct Jonas with his behavior. I have to lead by example. I cannot throw a fit in front of my kids and not expect them to do the same thing. I cannot live with telling them not to do something that I do. That's why I exercise, eat healthy foods, work out in the yard, and don't watch much t.v. I don't want them to say, "But dad, you do it". I don't and I can always use that. There's no greater teaching method than leading by example.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Catching up on old times.

Last night I was sitting in front of the TV wathcing the All-star game and blogging (kind of a nerdy thing to do). It was a strange all-star game for me. I have watched so many with other people. Growing up me and my brother would watch them all with our friend Scott. Many of them were also watched with my father. During the spring of '05 he moved to Arizona. I asked my dad to come down, because Erin had her sign-language class and I wouldn't be able to get home and take Jaden up there for the game.

The game was wrapping up and it didn't look like the AL would continue their streak, and then, they did. My mind immediately flashed back to the AL scoring a couple runs on Erin Gagne a few years ago to win.

Just as I was getting up to go to bed, the phone rang. Holy crap!!! Scott called. I hadn't talked to him in almost a year and a half. We used to hang out all the time. It was the most surprising and awesome phone call I think I've ever gotten. We talked trying to catch up on some of the basics and about an hour later I had to let him go. He's busy trying to live his life. It's great that I was able to reconnect with an old friend like that. I don't know what I need to do to balance that Karma, it was awesome.

Jonas First Dentist appointment

Last Friday I took Jonas to the dentist for his first appointment ever. He was awesome. He sat very still and did a great job keeping his mouth open. A few times the dental hygenist had to remind him to relax his tongue because he would push against her instruments.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Just sitting down.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
She's going in.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Scraping the plaque.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This doesn't feel as bad as it looks.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
All that work wore him out.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
He was such a good boy with a clean mouth that he made the wall of fame.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Stupid commercials that I like

There are a few stupid commercials on TV right now that I think are hilarious. A friend of mine at work and I are always talking about the commercials we've seen on TV recently that we think are funny.

Tonight there have been two that I've seen. I've seen them both before, but still.
1. Pepsi has an awesome commercial with Alex Rodriguez from the Yankees.
2. The burger king commercial with the midgets. The guy says. I want more meat down here now! Then the giant burger falls on him right after Tattoo says "The Meat"!!!! how did they do that? He's dead. He died in 1983. It's amazing the things that computers can do anymore. It's like those commercials that have the old TV shows in it interacting with current things, such as the John Wayne beer commercial.

Me vs. Erin Round 1

Erin and I both have a blog. Obviously I think that mine is better at what I write about, and that hers is definitely better at being a blog about the kids and raising them.

We both keep track of our stats and on most days she beats me. I do have a few days that I edge ahead of her.

Today though the numbers are hugely in her favor. Well, hugely that is, with the small numbers that we get. She's sitting at 18 and I have 2 (one of which is Erin at least the other is not me). I told her that the day is not over and I can still come back. She replied with "Yeah right, in the bottom of the 9th." I don't know if it's because the All-Star game is playing, or if it's becuase it's 9 PM.

Anyway, it's on now. I'm going to keep posting and posting to drive up my numbers. Maybe somebody will find something that they like to read.

cigarette lighter warning

I was at a gas station tonight on my way home and noticed the 8 different displays of lighters. There was a warning on one of the boxes. I'm paraphrasing since I didn't write it down.

No Childproof lighter is completely childproof. The best situation is for children to use lighters under parental guidance.
This got me thinking about how many other things a warning like this could also be useful for.
  • Childrens' shows on t.v. should be watched under parental supervision.
  • Special Note: Sponge Bob is not a children's show.
  • Jetix should not be watched by anyone under the age of 12.
  • Just because your child can ride a bike doesn't mean you should let him wander off on his own.
  • Stairs are best used under adult supervision. Children have a tendancy to jump and play on them causing damage to themselves.
Ok, maybe I'm going a bit too far, but still, the point I'm getting at is that kids aren't meant to be left alone. You don't have to smother them, but you should still be a part of their lives. You want to be there when they do those things that make being a parent worthwhile. It's not the same just hearing a story about it.

Erin called me while I was driving and in the middle of this thought. I told her about the warning. The exchange was pretty funny.

S: Why would there be a children's warning on a lighter anyway. They shouldn't be using them at all, not just under parental supervision. They shouldn't be smoking.
E: Maybe they weren't smoking, maybe they were lighting fireworks.
S: Fireworks?!? So instead of getting cancer slowly over 40 years, they blow their hands off.
E: (laughter) Ok, maybe they weren't lighting fireworks, maybe the are lighting a candle.
S: What would they light a candle for?
E: For their dad who blew his hands off with fireworks when he was 15.
S: Maybe they light his cigarettes. Or they light the candles so he can light the cigarettes himself.
E: I didn't say they smoke, and how does he keep get rid of the ashes?
S: He's gotten really good at flicking the cigarette with his tongue from the inside, so he can get rid of the ash, and he started smoking when he was 12 because he used lighters without parental consent.

We were both laughing pretty hard during this. Warning labels can spark some pretty humorous thoughts.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Can hypnosis undo for me what years of negativity has done to me?

Last Thursday I went to a free hypnotist. I have been trying to lose weight for too long and not succeeding. I thought, anything is worth trying for free. It was an interesting 2 hours. Now I'm going through and using self-hypnosis cassette tapes to re-inforce the weight loss ideas that he put into my head.

I'll update from time to time on my weight loss. I have already lifted weights once and ran twice since then. I have also done better eating. That could just be a conscious thought. It's the long term that will really matter.

I have also set a goal for myself before fall is over to be able to run from my house to Aunt Shel's. That's a 7 mile trip. I don't plan on being able to run back though, Erin can pick me up. I think getting from 2 miles to 7 miles will be enough of a goal for one year. I definitely don't plan on getting to even a half marathon anytime soon though. I think 5-7 miles at a time will be more than enough.

Baseball's elite offensive stats

I was sitting back the other day thinking about Bonds and where he ranks in the all-time best players. Despite what people may think about his personality his stats definitely rank him with the best. He's the only player in the elite 400 HR 400 SB category, except he's also in the 500/500 club.

Then I got to thinking about the top of the charts in each category. There's magic numbers that are almost gauranteed to put a player into the Hall of fame, like 300 wins or 4000 strikeouts for a pitcher. 3000 hits, 600 homers. I was curious, what mark would put a player into the absolute elite for a category. Not necessarily the best, but in the elite, so I looked for a number that put them within the top few, and chose a number elite enough to keep it to the top 10 in each category.

Here's what I found

G8 over 3,000Pete Rose 3562Barry Bonds (24) 2,730
AB8 over 11,000Pete Rose 14,053Craig Biggio (28) 9,811
BB4 over 2,000Barry Bonds 2,311Barry Bonds (1) 2,311
RBI3 over 2,000Hank Aaron 2297 Barry Bonds (11) 1853
Hits5 over 3,000Pete Rose 4,256Craig Biggio (43) 2795
2B4 over 700Tris Speaker 792Craig Biggio (12) 604
3B8 over 200Sam Crawford 309Steve Finley (116) 112
HR4 over 600Hank Aaron 755Barry Bonds (2) 719
Run7 over 2,000Ricky Henderson 2,295Barry Bonds (6) 2,078
SB5 over 800Ricky Henderson 1,406Kenny Lofton (22) 567
K3 over 2,000Reggie Jackson 2597Jim Thome (10) 1762

A great quote

I don't want to watch baseball while I sleep.

-- Erin Rigney

Sunday, July 09, 2006

coming soon

To all of my dedicated readers out there, I have about 10 or 12 posts in progress. A week off of work has also made it a week almost completely away from the computer. I didn't even think it would be possible for me to be away from the computer as much as I have been. But there have been quite a few interesting "dad" incidents happen in the past week, and a few of my other types of posts.

I've started to think that I'm having enough "dad" type posts that before long I'll be starting another blog with just those things that I'm going through and am trying to do with the kids. There will be more of that to come also.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's been a great vacation.

It's not over yet, but it's been a great vacation.

Everything started on Saturday. Erin and Ady went out of town to St. Louis for their own little fun, and Jonas and I took a trip up to my parents. We had a blast, got his hair cut, and got to play in the swimming pool. There were fireworks in St. Anne. It was great.

Monday was a relaxing day of doing almost nothing. We did laundry and packed up for our trip to Indianapolis.

Tuesday was awesome. I overslept. The plan was to be on the road at 6 am, but I couldn't get out of bed. Closer to 8, we were on the road. The kids were great for the car trip. Jonas and Ady only, Jaden stayed the night with Aunt Shel. We went to the Zoo. It was a lot of fun. Erin had never seen a dolphin in person and was completley in awe at the show. Jonas and Ady also had fun. I wasn't sure if Ady had more fun cuddling me or watching the dolphins. I think half the time she just wanted to snuggle and not even watch the show. They had a blast running around the zoo and looking at the animals. They both got to feed a giraffe. Jonas and I went into the bird house and I was going to let him feed the birds, but the guy working there said they must be full because they wouldn't come to eat anymore.

As if that wasn't enough, Tuesday night we went downtown to the fireworks. It was the biggest fireworks show I had ever been to (at least that I remember, being born a bicentenial baby I saw a lot of fireworks when I was 2 months old). The show didn't start until 10 PM, but it was in sync with a radio station and was awesome. Even just as awesome was the nonstop fireworks that were going off all around as we made our way back to the hotel. Somewhere in the middle of the two we went swimming and had great dinner at Bennigans.

Wednesday was another good day. We were all able to sleep in. We made our way to the children's museum. Other than going half a block the wrong way down a one way street it was a great time. Jonas' favorite part was probably the dinosaurs. He ended up getting a dinosaur fact book as his souvenier for the trip. Ady wanted a stuffed frog that we have affectionately named Indy (yes I do get flashbacks to Indiana Jones).

My favorite part of the museum was probably seeing Dracorex Hogwartsia. The trip back was great.

That covers all the details of the out of town expidition. I'll fill in the gaps from home later.