Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What a game

I missed everything yesterday. Sunday night I went to the White Sox game as a wedding gift from Erin. It was awesome. I was a tad worried about the seats being in the upper deck (I'm afraid of heights), but they were great seats. The first 6 innings were kind of worrisome, the most exciting thing to happen to the Sox was when Konerko got thrown out trying to take 3rd on a popup to the center fielder. If I was the coach I would have probably sent him also, but there wasn't a chance he was going to make it. Tavares made an awesome throw.

Then in the 7th, things started getting a little more interesting. It started to drizzle and Konerko hit a homer. I said "here comes the comeback". For quite some time now I've been saying "Never Give up, never surrender", it's a great motivational phrase for me and I use it while I'm running sometimes to get through the mentally gruelling times. Last week I was flipping channels and that's also the catch phrase from "Galaxy Quest", What a great stupid movie. Hrm. Where was this going? Oh yeah, when we held Houston scoreless in the 8th I told Erin "Never give up, never surrender!" She looked at me kind of like "Yeah right", but wouldn't you know it, with a couple of hits, Iguchi cracked a 3 run bomb to bring us within 4. Yes!!! Now all we have to do is keep this great hitting going and keep getting runners on. I still don't understand why the next 3 batters all tried to hit the game winning homer down by 4 with nobody on base. Maybe they aren't aware the grand slam solo homers are a rarity. I was pissed and yelling at the sox hitters for not hitting smarter than that.

I didn't think there was a prayer, down by 4. I had given up on my own motto. I was giving up. I was tired already, had to use the bathroom, and we weren't going to win. I got to see a decent game. We left with 2 outs in the 9th. I used the bathroom and Cintron hit a single. We stopped and watch Podsednik walk on the TV at the concession stand. Then we walked up the ramp to watch the last out before leaving. I can't say that I believed we would come back and tie it. I was resigned to making it interesting and getting home. I think that's why I was so totally in shock and awe when the ball sailed over the fence yet again giving Iguchi 2 homers in 2 innings with 7 RBIs. Where was this earlier in the game. After much screaming and hugging I went back to the seat we had and watched the next 3 innings. Again in the 13th I was worn out. I had to use the bathroom yet again and wanted to go home. Houston scored and the Sox didn't. The finalle was anti-climatic. Even if the sox would have ended up winning at that point I was so tired I don't know how much I could have cheered.

Personally, the Sox have now was a total of 2 games that I have been to. Let's see 2 of about 30, not very good odds, they definitely play better without my support in the stands.

Finally, the only bad part about the game was that I froze. 60 degrees with just a jersey isnt' enough for me, I need to make sure to bring long sleeves next time. At least I was wearing blue jeans unlike the 9 year old girl and 7 year old boy right behind me. They really froze, I guess that's why they left in the 7th and missed the best part.

I've learned my lesson though, "Never give up! Never surrender!"