Friday, June 30, 2006

Running with the bears

Last night I went to weed the garden trying to keep the tomato and pepper plants growing well.

When I was done I asked the kids if they wanted to go get ready for bed or go for a walk. Sometimes they can be bears, but they had been good enough while I was working in the garden that I wanted to offer. They both wanted to go for a walk. As soon as we started Jonas bolted down the sidewalk yelling "I have to run for my exercise". Before I could finish telling him not to get too far away, Ady took off after him. At two she does a pretty good job of running, but doesn't have a chance of catching Jonas. We took just over a half-mile walk, and they ran about half of that. I was worried that it would be running with the bears, but instead it was great.

I guess the running I do for exercise is wearing off on Jonas, he loves to try and run like me. I told him earlier this week that I had gotten up and gone for a run before I went to work, he asked why I didn't get him up. Well, a 4 year old doesn't run well enough to keep up with a fat slow 30 year old, maybe when you're older buddy.