Saturday, June 10, 2006


This weekend we were able to get to the video store and rent some movies. The weather has made doing anything outside kind of crazy. Last night we rented and watched "Constantine" and "Batman Begins". I know I'm so far behind the times that it's not even nice to laugh. But I'm trying to catch back up.

I thought both movies were good.
"Constantine" had some really neat special effects, and strangely I thought Keaneau Reeves did an awesome job. The demons and scenes in hell were really neat. It would have been cool to see God actually portrayed in a human form like Gabriel, Lucifer and Luciers son Memmon. Memmon made me think of "Memnoch the Devil" the book by Ann Rice. I wonder if Ann Rice and the writer of the movie had the same inspiration for the name.

"Batman Begins" was interesting. It wasn't great, but I like the League of Shadows and Liam Neeson was awesome. I thin Christian Bale was a good choice for a young batman. The story wasn't completely consistent with the other Batman movies. I don't know which was more consistent with the original comic story about how Batman became Batman. I liked how they worked the batcave into this movie, rather than just having it be some huge elaborate construction project it was just a cave, which happened to connect to the house from tunnels built for the underground railroad. I may not watch it often, and I'll probably never buy it, but I'm glad I got to see this movie.