Friday, June 30, 2006

Running with the bears

Last night I went to weed the garden trying to keep the tomato and pepper plants growing well.

When I was done I asked the kids if they wanted to go get ready for bed or go for a walk. Sometimes they can be bears, but they had been good enough while I was working in the garden that I wanted to offer. They both wanted to go for a walk. As soon as we started Jonas bolted down the sidewalk yelling "I have to run for my exercise". Before I could finish telling him not to get too far away, Ady took off after him. At two she does a pretty good job of running, but doesn't have a chance of catching Jonas. We took just over a half-mile walk, and they ran about half of that. I was worried that it would be running with the bears, but instead it was great.

I guess the running I do for exercise is wearing off on Jonas, he loves to try and run like me. I told him earlier this week that I had gotten up and gone for a run before I went to work, he asked why I didn't get him up. Well, a 4 year old doesn't run well enough to keep up with a fat slow 30 year old, maybe when you're older buddy.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vacation is a coming

I'm looking forward to my upcoming vacation. Starting Friday night I am off of work until July 10. I'm excited. This weekend I had some ideas of what we may do, but those thoughts are gone. Erin told me that she is going on a girls weekend. She and Ady are going to St. Louis with Aunt Shel and Lana. Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do with the boys for the weekend. I could take the easy way out and go visit my parents, because then I'd have a few more hands to help me, or I could stay home with them and see what I can come up with to do. Nah, I'll probably just take the easy way out. Now, I just need to find the time to call my parents when they are still awake.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Book Review

Jack Welch on Leadership by Rober Slater

This book was ok. Personally I love Jack Welch and the things he stands for and what he did at GE. I have read "Straight from the Gut" and think it's an awesome book. This book though, just wasn't inspiring. It got across all of the main points, but it missed the point. Ultimately "Jack Welch on Leadership" is just of a summary of "Jack Welch and the G.E. Way". If you have the time, read the original. The stories are better and the whole book has a better flow to it. If you are looking for the Clif Notes version, read this, but don't read it like a book, just skim it looking for the bullet points. It's not worth devoting your time to a good read of the content.

What a game

I missed everything yesterday. Sunday night I went to the White Sox game as a wedding gift from Erin. It was awesome. I was a tad worried about the seats being in the upper deck (I'm afraid of heights), but they were great seats. The first 6 innings were kind of worrisome, the most exciting thing to happen to the Sox was when Konerko got thrown out trying to take 3rd on a popup to the center fielder. If I was the coach I would have probably sent him also, but there wasn't a chance he was going to make it. Tavares made an awesome throw.

Then in the 7th, things started getting a little more interesting. It started to drizzle and Konerko hit a homer. I said "here comes the comeback". For quite some time now I've been saying "Never Give up, never surrender", it's a great motivational phrase for me and I use it while I'm running sometimes to get through the mentally gruelling times. Last week I was flipping channels and that's also the catch phrase from "Galaxy Quest", What a great stupid movie. Hrm. Where was this going? Oh yeah, when we held Houston scoreless in the 8th I told Erin "Never give up, never surrender!" She looked at me kind of like "Yeah right", but wouldn't you know it, with a couple of hits, Iguchi cracked a 3 run bomb to bring us within 4. Yes!!! Now all we have to do is keep this great hitting going and keep getting runners on. I still don't understand why the next 3 batters all tried to hit the game winning homer down by 4 with nobody on base. Maybe they aren't aware the grand slam solo homers are a rarity. I was pissed and yelling at the sox hitters for not hitting smarter than that.

I didn't think there was a prayer, down by 4. I had given up on my own motto. I was giving up. I was tired already, had to use the bathroom, and we weren't going to win. I got to see a decent game. We left with 2 outs in the 9th. I used the bathroom and Cintron hit a single. We stopped and watch Podsednik walk on the TV at the concession stand. Then we walked up the ramp to watch the last out before leaving. I can't say that I believed we would come back and tie it. I was resigned to making it interesting and getting home. I think that's why I was so totally in shock and awe when the ball sailed over the fence yet again giving Iguchi 2 homers in 2 innings with 7 RBIs. Where was this earlier in the game. After much screaming and hugging I went back to the seat we had and watched the next 3 innings. Again in the 13th I was worn out. I had to use the bathroom yet again and wanted to go home. Houston scored and the Sox didn't. The finalle was anti-climatic. Even if the sox would have ended up winning at that point I was so tired I don't know how much I could have cheered.

Personally, the Sox have now was a total of 2 games that I have been to. Let's see 2 of about 30, not very good odds, they definitely play better without my support in the stands.

Finally, the only bad part about the game was that I froze. 60 degrees with just a jersey isnt' enough for me, I need to make sure to bring long sleeves next time. At least I was wearing blue jeans unlike the 9 year old girl and 7 year old boy right behind me. They really froze, I guess that's why they left in the 7th and missed the best part.

I've learned my lesson though, "Never give up! Never surrender!"

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I shrieked like a girl

Here is a picture of my broken headphones. I was at work yesterday, and after I returned to my desk from a meeting I went to pick up my headphones to listen to my music like I do all day.

When I grabbed them and picked them up the ear piece came up but the rest didn't. There was a brief pause as what just happened sank in. Then a high pitch girly shriek, "nooooooooooo"

I have never seen the plastic break like that on a headset. This is the most expensive headphones I have ever purchased and I was heartbroken.

Now I have to go buy another pair. Maybe I'll get a lighter pair that doesn't cover my ears. It will let in more background noise, but it will also keep my ears and head cooler.

Are electric vehicles bad?

I've been reading more and more about plug-in hybrids and now electric cars are in the news again.

I don't think that electric cars, or even plug-ins will be the best solution to the energy problem. Most of the energy we use comes from coal. Currently we use gasoline for fuel for our vehicles. Coal has a higher output of carbon and other harmful emissions than gasoline does. If all of our gas cars dissappeared and we went to electric cars, the energy industry would not be able to handle the additional load. It can already barely keep up in the summer when people are running the air conditioners.

There are other problems with switching to entirely electric vehicles.
1. A power outage from a storm doesn't just prevent the alarm from going off, it prevents the cars from being recharged and people can't get to work the next day.

2. A fillup does not take 2 minutes at a gas station it takes several hours parked. Cross country adventures would take a lot longer. You can't just fill up in the morning no the way to work,.

3. Finally, I have a family of 5. Electric vehicles are tiny pill boxes that are only good for one or two people. They cannot hold my entire family.

I am however a huge fan of more fuel efficient vehicles. Please keep them coming. Make them better. I think we can make all of our cars lighter and the engines more efficient. I don't need 0-60 in 5 seconds. I need to be able to accelerate fast enough to get onto the interstate without an accident and that's the most important part of my speed. Otherwise, I drive the same speed most of the time.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Even geeks are funny

Sitting around this afternoon having our watercooler conversation someone brought up a funny thing that happened to him. We were talking about headphones becaues mine broke (that post is coming). And I said they were hte most expensive ones I've bought and kept. I returned a pair of wireless headphones 2 years ago because the treadmill interfered with them too much.

He said that he had a pair of wireless headphones that sounded great but were too tight on his head. I'll quote him as best as I can remember and refer to him as P for primary, and S for the Second person in the conversation. I was a party to it, but all I did was listen.

P: "I had a pair of wireless headphones for my TV. They improved the sound a lot but they hurt my head. Now I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I they did feel a little better when I finally realized I had been wearing them backwards."
S: "The R and the L on the headset didn't tip you off?"
P: "Well the infrared recepter was on the one side and I thought it would be on the side that faced the TV, so that's how I put them on."
S: "They were wireless not infrared, right?"
P: "I knew I shouldn't have said anything."

We were all laughing so hard. P was embarrassed, but I couldn't resist passing this great story along. This is a true story, all names have been changed to protect the innocent.

24 hours rule.

A friend called yesterday and chatted with me. She and I had a pretty mundane boring conversatoin about normal stuff. I got bored and started giving her crap about something she said just to make the conversation more interesting.

Today we went to lunch together and discussed how each of our jobs is going for us and how we are trying to bring about change. It was a little more one sided than that, it was more about how I was trying to bring about change and how she's afraid to lead even though she seems to intuitively know the right things to do. She just lacks confidence in her abiltities.

After lunch she calls me and says, "I just wanted to clarify something from yesterday's conversation". I started laughing. I asked if she would go to a restaraunt a day after eating there and tell them how the food and service was the night before. Maybe she could make a habit of going 24 hours later to tell someone what she thinks.

It was a great laugh, but sometimes I think the 24 hour rule may not be a bad idea. I think that too often people respond without thinking and if the 24 hour rule was in place then that would not be a problem. It could also be passed onto the listeners. If someone reacts in less than 24 hours, don't take it too much to heart, they haven't had time to think yet. Let them reflect on the situation or idea and then ask them again what they think. I can't enforce the 24 hour rule in most of the decisions I make, but in some things, I may try to start using the 24 hour rule. If it doesn't have to have a response immediately I'll let it sit and dwell on it. Maybe my subconscious will help me find the answer.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The love of a daughter

Ady has been great tonight. I'm always tentative when she comes back from being at her dad's. I'm worried that one day she'll come back and all of a sudden I will no longer be daddy. It may seem strange, even though I've been a part of her life for almost all of it, one of these days she will come home and realize, I'm not her dad. It's something that will probably break my heart even though it's true. I never try to tell her that J.R. is not her dad, and I ask her what she does with her dad when she comes home, but I don't know what will happen on that one fateful day in the future. I know it will be more her trying to understand herself than hating me, but it's nevertheless a fear I have.

Just now she was upstairs calling for mommy. Erin had already been up once, so it was my turn to try and get her to go to sleep. I walked into the room and she said "I don't want you, I want mom". Not exactly a ringing endorsement of love. But it's just because she was done with her nap. She had a good rest and was ready to get up. Throwing her head down on her pillow and burying her face was an expected reaction when I told her she had to sleep all night.

Tonight though, she was very cuddly with me and while we were playing with the bubble she would pop them then fall into my lap and laugh. It was a great night with the kids.

Everyone's a commedian

The news ticker tonight is even trying to be funny. It flashed by "A new Berlin man was misplaced after having his house burned down." Apparently he had a really bad day, first he lost his house then he lost himself. I guess it was a happy ending and he was reunited with himself and placed somewhere that he would actually be able to find himself. Now, where is that head attacher?

Fun with the kids

Jonas' memory is amazing, he's only 4, but still regularly recalls things that he did while 2. I have a hard time remembering things that I did 2 years ago. Maybe it's because he doesn't have as many things cluttering up his mind, but it's still amazing.

Today he was trying to describe a place that he and Ady and Jaden had gone to, but didn't get out of the car, and daddy wasn't with them. It was a red and white barn house. He was driving Erin nuts with asking over and over, so she finally called me at work. I tried to coax out of him some additional information about the mystery location and asked him a few questions. What color was it? Were there animals. Apparently there was a horse and cow, but there wasn't a fence and there were holes in the house or window, he wasn't very clear on that. It took a while, but Erin was pretty sure she figured out what he was thinking of. I think for the first time that he got two stories mixed up in his head.

At dinner tonight it came up from Jonas that girls have eyes in the back of their head, "but not Ady", of course we responded with not yet, she's not old enough (this is a long running story that deserves a post of it's own). Then he said, "I'm a boy I don't have eyes in the back of my head." Trying to be cute I said (while smirking to Erin), boys don't need eyes in the back of their heads they are just all knowing. With a little misinterpretation he responds "I'm not, but sometime I'm annoying". After laughing hysterically we could only say, yep, sometimes you are.

This evening we were blowing bubbles and taking turns blowing and popping them. Both Ady and Jonas do a great job of blowing bubbles, but we were out of the magic soap dust. I said we can just make our own with dish soap, Erin wasn't so sure, apparently there was some kind of mishap when she was younger involving a failed science experiment and trying to make homemade bubble mix. She came back a few minutes later and the bubbles were blowing freely. I asked what mixture she used. It was "One part water and three parts soap". I got up to mix the container that Jonas and I were playing with and while I'm in there he comes in and says, "It's one cart water and three carts soap." It was another good laugh.

One additional funny thing happened at dinner that I couldn't pass up on. Ady had some pizza sauce no her thumb, which is really an understatement because she had pizza sauce from her eyeballs to her chin and on both hands up to her wrist. Erin said, "Ady get that off her hand, Ady suck your thumb". I'm pretty sure that the thumb sucking order was only related to the smidge of pizza sauce she was trying to remove, but it could be extrapolated into a command that Ady would follow from now until the end of time. It was funny though considering the number of times the rest of the night that we had to remind her that whatever it was in her mouth at that moment didn't belong there.

Father's day remembered

Saturday, we took Ady over to be with her father for the rest of the weekend. Jonas got to play at Erin's mom's house, and she is affectionately called "num-num" by the kids. Then we came back home and cleaned the house to make it look good for the father's day gathering that was taking place at our house.

It's a good idea to hold a get together at least once a month at our house, it forces us to get a good deep clean at least that often.

Saturday night, we went shopping for our weekly groceries, plus the few extras for the party. Jonas needed a new pair of shoes, so we had fun trying them on. He ended up with a pair that was red, black and white very similar in color layout to the pair that I had on. I think he liked them mostly because I had the same thing on. While walking through Wal Mart I over-heard someone talking about fireworks. On our way out of town we saw a lot of people sitting in chairs along the side of the road, so we turned and drove towards where they were looking. It ended up we got an awesome parking spot. With the wind blowing a few of the fireworks were still bright when they were directly overhead. Jonas was in awe and very excited. Jaden, he was scared. At first we were watching from in the car, but Erin couldn't see them. Getting out for a better vantage point was good for us, but scared Jaden. His eyes were wide and he kept looking around. Just before the grand finale he started reaching for me. While I was holding him he stopped squirming and calmed down, even during the louder finale. I was shocked. Is this a daddy's boy? Again Sunday afternoon after most of the people had left he fell asleep in my arms, maybe he is a daddy's boy.

Dinner was great on Sunday. We had hamburgers and hot dogs. The sides were all good. I sat around and listened to stories. Dad and I went through Jonas' room again and discussed the materials we are going to need. We have a busy summer still planned for remodeling his room. I'm going to have to get busy organizing and buying materials. I want to have them all ahead of time, so they can show up and we can get right to work one weekend. As of right now it's looking like July 15th and 22nd we will be very busy.

Father's day is hard on step-dad. I know that Ady has another dad. But she also calls me dad, and I think of her as my own. She started to distinguish between the two of us when talking to Erin she'll say "Daddy Steve" or "Daddy J.R." it's very cute. It was hard on me to not have here there on fathers day. She was gone the weekend before and didn't come home until Wednesday. I was gone all night Friday getting Jonas and she went back on Saturday. Wednesday and Thursday being the only two days out of 10 that I've seen her is getting hard on me. I miss my little girl.

Of course her being with me on father's day probably would have been even harder on "Daddy J.R."

Yesterday afternoon we got a huge rain for about 30 minutes. The streets and our yard flooded. After the rain let up and it was still knee deep in the intersection, we let Jonas go out and play with James in the water. He had a blast. He kept jumping and falling on his butt on purpose. An hour or so later he was soaked and had mud everywhere, even in his hair. As if that wasn't enough water for him, he wanted to play in the bath, so he took a 45 minute bath to wash the mud off. I think he has officially joined the prune family.

About 9 pm, while flipping channels because I was tired of watching the Braves lose, he asked "When are you going to tell me to go to bed?" I told him "right now" and to bed we went. It was so cute for him to ask like that.

Friday, June 16, 2006

A Geek Joke

Two IT guys were talking in a bar after work. "Guess what," says
the first IT guy, "I met this gorgeous blonde in a bar."

"What did you do?" says the other IT guy.

"Well, I invited her over to my place, we had a couple of drinks,
we got into the mood and then she suddenly asked me to take all
her clothes off!"

"You're kidding me!" says the second IT guy.

"Nope." says IT guy one. "I took her miniskirt off, and then I
lifted her up and put her on my desk, next to my new laptop."

"Really?" asked the second IT guy. "You got a new laptop?"

Microsoft without Bill Gates

What would Microsoft be without Bill Gates? He is Microsoft. Even since Steve Ballmer took over as CEO, Bill Gates still is the face of Microsoft. He's the one everyone either loves or hates. Ballmer, he may run the company, but that doesn't change it.

It sounds like Bill is looking to get away from Microsoft.

I hope for the rest of the world that his life after Microsoft is as successful as his life at Microsoft. He has changed the world for the better with the advances in software. Yes there are still problems with software, but I think that things have come a long way and we are better off with him than we would have been without him.

I want a fair fight

I've been getting my butt kicked this week by a cold. It hit me last week, and wiped me out for all of last weekend. I've been fighting it and working all this week, but I'm exhausted non-stop. The first few days this week I tried to do things like normal, but that didn't work well. Wednesday I was in bed at 10, and Thursday I was in bed at 9. This morning I'm still tired, and trying to cough out the rest of this crap.

I just want a fair fight. I think I can beat it in an fair fight, but this cold is underhanded and mean.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Warning, Warning, Danger Will Robinson

On Monday, our home PC was attacked by a vicious evil bug. The virus was not as bad as some of the rest of the things that seemed to just crop up.

The YS Jammer virus that was released on Monday, got us. I quickly ran Norton live update to get the latest virus definition and scan my PC. Getting the update froze my PC and completely locked it up.

To keep the post from being as tedious as the process, I ended up with about 40 reboots, uninstalling and reinstalling Norton, installing AVG, and deleting any files that Norton was scanning at the time that the PC completely froze again. I did have several installations that had been copied off of a CD onto my computer. Norton would not scan through the .cab files without my PC becoming completely unresponsive and needing to be turned off at the power source.

But with several more GB of free hard drive space and Norton working well again. Our PC is up and running and I'll be able to get back to blogging. Now if I can just find a time to make a backup of all of my pictures...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Smart-wiring Your Baby's Brain

I finished reading Smart-wiring Your Baby's Brain. It was a good book. There are some really interesting things in here.

1. You can't make your child develop faster than he's ready for. I know that this is the case. I will however continue to read about how to make my kids smart and learn faster. I know that they cannot go faster than their body will let them, at the same time, they can only grow as fast as their environment and situations will let them. If I'm not doing my part to try and help my children grow then they will stagnate and fall behind.

2. Apparently one of the most important things for a child to learn is spatial reasoning. Probably half of the things mentioned in the book stated how they related to spatial reasoning for children.

3. The best way to get your kids to learn is to interact with them. Let them help you do anything and everything that you do. Dishes, cook, clean, shop, yardwork, anything. Just explain to them what you are doing.

4. Reading is the best way to develop language. Reading should begin while the baby is still in the womb. Studies have shown that babies that are read the same book over and over in the womb respond better to that book than other books after birth. I'm not sure that this is the best thing, but it's definitely proof that they can hear what's going on. Also, the book stated that even 2 college graduates use a smaller subset of words than most standard childrens books. And you will probably never get into animals and their sounds in normal everyday conversation. So take the time to read to your kids.

5. Music is a great way for kids to learn. I've read some about "the Mozart effect" in the past, and think that music is great. Studies have shown that the more sounds that a child is around while young the more connections that will exist in the brain. Music helps kids learn rythm and pitch. Kids can start taking music lessons of some kind as early as 2 years old. There are several different schools of training for kids of this extremely young age. At the least, don't be afraid to sing to your kids.

6. Finally, be aware of what you say. Children don't undedrstand sarcasm, and even if you are just upset when you say something, it will stick with them. If there is a subject or something that you are not particularly good at, don't vocalize it. Don't say "I hate math", or "I'm not good at math becaues I'm a girl", because that thought can stick with your kids and they may grow up just like you. Don't lie to your kids. If they aren't doing something well, you don't have to tell them that they are, but don't be negative. Just keep encouraging them. Tell them that it's ok to fail and that everyone fails. Let them know that they can succeed even after they fail. Tell them that you believe in them and that you love them, and tell them often.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


This weekend we were able to get to the video store and rent some movies. The weather has made doing anything outside kind of crazy. Last night we rented and watched "Constantine" and "Batman Begins". I know I'm so far behind the times that it's not even nice to laugh. But I'm trying to catch back up.

I thought both movies were good.
"Constantine" had some really neat special effects, and strangely I thought Keaneau Reeves did an awesome job. The demons and scenes in hell were really neat. It would have been cool to see God actually portrayed in a human form like Gabriel, Lucifer and Luciers son Memmon. Memmon made me think of "Memnoch the Devil" the book by Ann Rice. I wonder if Ann Rice and the writer of the movie had the same inspiration for the name.

"Batman Begins" was interesting. It wasn't great, but I like the League of Shadows and Liam Neeson was awesome. I thin Christian Bale was a good choice for a young batman. The story wasn't completely consistent with the other Batman movies. I don't know which was more consistent with the original comic story about how Batman became Batman. I liked how they worked the batcave into this movie, rather than just having it be some huge elaborate construction project it was just a cave, which happened to connect to the house from tunnels built for the underground railroad. I may not watch it often, and I'll probably never buy it, but I'm glad I got to see this movie.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Struggles with Sign Language

Erin's first sign language class was Tuesday night. She learned a few words and the alphabet. I already was comfortable with the alphabet, so I have been working on those few words trying to ingrain them into my memory. Last night we went to Aunt Shel's for Brandon's birthday celebration and were occasionally spelling. Most of us there were practicing at one point or another, but only one word at a time. For some reason, at one point Aunt Shell spelled ispy. Erin and I were both looking at her confused, so she spelled it again and again. She was really angry that Erin wasn't getting it (was was just eaves-watching anyway). Then finally Erin asked, "What is ispy?" Everyone but me bust out laughing. I didn't know what ispy was either. It took Aunt Shel close to 5 minutes to catch her breath enough to say I Spy.

I guess I'll have to figure out how to tell where a word breaks when you are just spelling it. Maybe we just need to learn more words so we have less to spell.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Finished another book

It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be.

This was a decent book. The book itself is about the author's observations and thoughts on creativity related to marketing. The book itself feels like it is a marketing pamphlet. Lots of different fonts and layouts, which were catchy, but I can remember the feel of the book better than I can remember the content.

There were only a few catchy quotes that I took from the book
  • Your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have.
  • If you can't solve a problem, it's because you are playing by the rules.
  • Fail, Fail Again. Fail Better
  • Start being wrong and suddenly anything is possible. You're no longer trying to be infallible.

Overall though, I would not recommend the book. It wasn't inspiring by itself and if I had the time back I could have made progress in a better book. Although if you do have 45 minutes to an hour and nothing else that looks interesting, you could always pick it up and read it.

Credit Cards

I've read the story about the Credit Card Prank before and thought that it was funny, and true that most cashiers don't pay attention or care if there is a signature on the back of the credit card.

Last week Erin went to register for the Sign Language class that she is going to take starting tonight. She took a credit card in my name that was not signed on the back. Then she and Aunt Shel went to register for the class. The cashier rang her up and noticed that the card was not signed. She said "You need to get this signed before someone notices." Then Aunt Shel responded "Oooh!!! Is this your first credit card since you were married." Erin replied immediately, in front of the cashier, "No. I'm not authorized on this card."

Apparently the lady stating, that the card is not signed, and hearing that Erin is not authorized on the card, was not enough to void the transaction. I'll pay for it, but I think I have enough legal ground that I could have the payment disputed. Anyway it made for a great laugh.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Who wants sleep?

I know there are many people out there, whose idea of a good day is laying in bed sleeping all day. It's not mine. I don't want to sleep all day. In fact I don't want to sleep at all. I have a ton of things that I would like to do but sleep just gets in the way. For me, sleep is just a tool that allows me to be refreshed enough to keep going. I have read about the narcaleptic drugs that have been tested on military and allow them to miss a night of sleep. These drugs reduce the required sleep to every other night. I read these and think, "Yes, That's what I need".

Sadly, like most people, I still need my 6-7 hours of sleep a night. I can occassionally get away with 4-5, but only for one or two days before my body breaks down and yells at me.

Last night, I went to bed at 11 PM and didn't get up until 9:40 today. That's almost two nights of sleep for me. What could I have done with the extra 4-5 hours? What could you have done with it?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Careful what you link to.

Yikes!!! My previous post linked to a Google blog site. Google apparently has this really neat feature in their blog page that shows links to their post that are on the net. My site showed up as a link on the Google page and my traffic for the past 2 days was almost equal to all of last month. If only I had more relevant information to say, I'd write a post linking to Google all the time.

Tonight was a fun night. I sat on the floor playing with Jaden all night. He was really fussy and his first top tooth is getting ready to break through. I decided to sit down and read him a book at one point and it was the only time all night that he wasn't fussing. He loved the pictures and the sound of my voice reading. The chirping sounds I made for the birds had him confused, the look on his face was priceless, I wish I could have captured it in a picture.

Friday, June 02, 2006

New Google Toolbar

Finally a cool new product by Google. This is awesome.

They have a new toolbar that will search your own bookmarks for what you are searching for and let you know if they contain what you are looking for.

This is awesome for me. I have about a hundred bookmarks, and I rarely get the chance to go through and clean them up. Probably half of the bookmarks that I have though are for stories that I started to read and didn't have time to finish, so I just bookmarked it thinking that I would get back to it. What I should really do is just stop bookmarking things like this, but I have this feeling that sooner or later I'll find the time to read all the things that I want to read. The new Google toolbar will help me do that.

Laurie Berkner

Erin posted when we got the Laurie Berkner CD recently. I may be the last parent to have heard of Laurie, but she is awesome. The tunes are catchy and fresh enough that they aren't annoying, it's not like hearing "The Man on the Flying Trapeze", or "It ain't Gonna Rain No More" again. I like the songs of hers that I've heard. The DVD is even better because you get to see them having fun. It's a blast. Last weekend we had the DVD in it was like an exercise video for Jonas, he was up and dancing and running cirlces for the entire DVD. Ady was tired so she just layed on the couch, but she had gotten up about 3 hours earlier than normal.

What happens when you combine Laurie Berkner and Google? You get a GoogleHead.

I hope you enjoy the GoogleHead thing. I thought it was strange, but a lot of fun, and if you haven't heard of Laurie Berkner and have kids, this will give you a feel for her music.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I just finished reading the book blink. I won't like to it, because I don't want you to go and read it. Ugh! This book was terrible. From what I read it sounded like it was going to be a book about how to improve your intuition and think without thinking. Instead, it was a series of examples of how bad (and a few good) things can happen when you listen to your intuition. Mainly it said that most decisions are really dictated by our subconscious impressions of the situation and we have no control over them. So if you are in a highly stressful situation you better pray you were raised right.

In short this book sucked and I'm sorry I wasted as much of my time on it as I did. It's really making me reconsider even wanting to read "The Tipping Point" by the same author.