Monday, May 08, 2006

A very busy week

This week will be very busy. I posted some of the remodelling pictures from the weekend on earlier. There will be more coming, I just didn't have time to organize them and post them all. That took almost all of Saturday. My family showed up just before 9 AM and went right to work. What a day! With only a short break for lunch we (more they) worked through until 8 PM.

  • We removed the giant picture window from between the living room and what was at one time the front porch, but for us is the toy room.
  • We removed the French doors from between the master bedroom and the toy room and added some wall and a single door.
  • We threw out the brick from the floor where the Wood Burning stove used to sit.
  • We replaced the storm door with a new one that was not glass all the way to the floor. This one could have possibly been fixed by just putting in bigger screws into the existing door, but then when we put a screen in and left the door open it would be too easy for either the kids or the dog to go right through the screen, so we just got a door that worked for our situation.

Almost at the end of the day, was prom for Lana, she came over and we took a few pictures, then Erin and I ran over to watch the grand march. This was a new experience for me. I was not aware that proms had something where you were announced and walked down an aisle in front of spectators. It felt kind of like when people are announced at a wedding.

Sunday was also a busy fun day. It didn't start quite as early, but it was a lot. Erin and I needed to get food for the wedding and make sure things were ready. So we packed up in the car and took off to Springfield.

  • Erin got her hair cut. (I got mine cut two weeks ago.)
  • Erin got the engagement ring cleaned.
  • We bought the sign-in book for our wedding. We were throwing around ideas of what to do that would go along with our baseball theme. I came up with the idea of using a scorebook, so we bought one of those for people to sign in.
  • We went to GFS and bought food, plates, napkins, plasticware for the wedding. GFS was great! It's a lot like SAMS club, but you don't have to pay the membership fees. I think it may make it on our list of stops in Springfield more often.
  • We stopped for lunch at Ned Kelly's and with the coupon that we had, only paid $7 for the entire lunch.
  • Erin swore she needed shoes. Since I'm tripping over 3 pairs constantly I didn't think that was the case. We are just getting married in blue jeans and tennis shoes. But I finally caved. It's not that I think she needed the shoes, but I understand that this is our wedding. It's going to be the only one and last forever. I understand that she "wants" new shoes to get married in. Even though she doesn't need them I understand. Saturday she happened to pick up a pair of grey Nike with a pink Swoosh for Ady and she wanted to find something that matched for her. After a couple of shoe stores we found grey Nike's with a pink swoosh for Erin. It's not quite the same, but it's got the same colors. I thought that since Shoe Carnival has buy 1 get 1 at 1/2 off I may as well see if they have something that would kind of match for me. Again it wasn't that I needed it, but my White/Black/Red New Balance would have looked really bright in comparison to the greys. I stumbled across the exact same make of shoe in a 12 wide (yep big feet) and they fit. This is the first pair of Nike's I've been able to buy since 7th grade (I wore them or two years though). So even though we didn't need shoes, we were able to get two pairs of shoes that are the same make for 70$. It's a lot of money, but for 2 pairs of Nike shoes, it's a really great price. I'm excited and know that Erin is too.

All of this was great because Aunt Shel watched Jaden for the day, and we stopped back over there for a dinner that was already made, which just helped make the evening that much easier. It was a great day. Now we just have to get the last few things for the wedding. And get Married on Saturday.

Oh yeah as a small note, Thursday is my birthday. I'll be 30.