Friday, May 12, 2006

One day left

This week was busy, busy, busy.
Today Erin got her nails done and bought long sleeve shirts to go under our t-shirts to prepare us for a cold wet day tomorrow. It sucks that they are calling for rain, but it may still be dry at least for the wedding time. I brought some more things to Erin's mom's for the wedding and we don't have a lot left to do.

Today was a crappy day for work. I was so excited and preoccupied with the wedding that I didn't get a lot accomplished. I thought I would be able to focus better and get my job done, but no, I'm too distracted by what's about to happen. I'm so excited.

I'll try to blog as much as I can about the wedding after it happens. I have no idea what all is going to happen tomorrow, but I look forward to it and I will enjoy everything that happens, no matter what it is.