Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'm married!

What a day! it was a great day. Things were awesome. The only thing that I could have asked for better, was the weather could have been a little warmer. There was a giant storm and it was supposed to rain all day, but we were lucky enough that it stayed dry.

The morning started by going to Erin's mom's and getting things organized and setting up. Erin went to get Ady's hair done. I got things set up. Aunt Shel showed up with some of the food and the cakes (which were awesome) and the centerpieces.

The wedding was a White Sox theme, proposed by Erin back in December. We bought matching t-shirts for the best man and Maid of honor, plus our parents. Since Erin's parents are divorced and remarried, we also included the new spouses, they are after all family and we love them all just as much. Erin's jersey is pinstriped and mine is black. We customized them so they said Rigney 06 on the back.

The tablese were covered with either a black or white table cloth. Each table had two cakes, that were half a sphere decorated like a baseball. And two center pieces. The centerpieces were planters that were baseball gloves with white flowers in them that were arranged to be round.

The maid of honor walked down the aisle to "Cheap Seats" by Alabama and the Bride walked down the aisle to "Centerfield" John Fogerty. However, when she came down the CD skipped terribly and the music never made it out of the intro into the lyrics. We said our vows and there was a little funny moment when the rings were placed on the bible, the preacher asked "Who's ring is who's"?

Immediately following the wedding was the reception. We had hamburgers and hot dogs with peanuts, chips, and nachos to go with. It was easy to get the food ready and there weren't any other sides to deal with, which was great. We had different kinds of soda and beer, but almost nobody drank any beer.

The sign-in sheet is a Scorebook for baseball. Erin worked very hard to make party favors to give away. It was a mesh back filled with little baseball chocolates, Baby Ruth candy bars, each bag had a sportsball keychain on it. Yesterday's post talked about needing long sleeve shirts for under our jersey's and t-shirts. My parents were able to find a warm outfit for Jaden and it looked great.

All in all everything was wonderful. We were married outside where we wanted to be and had lots of pictures taken. The only bad thing really is that even though we brought our digital camera, we didn't get any pictures taken so I don't have any to post, but as soon as I can get some I'll let you all see.

I love my wife Erin, you can find out more about her at her own blog. "the corn was good".