Sunday, April 02, 2006

Two days of golf.

Saturday was a long day. We all got up at 3 AM and drove down form Kankakee down to Nashville. It's a long 7 hour drive. We did stop for a quick breakfast from "The Waffle House" this has become a nice tradition for us. We've stopped at the same waffle house both coming down and going home for the past 3 years. It's interesting to stop in and see the same people working there. Even more interesting is that when they see us, they remember us and ask us about golf again. This year was probably the best drive down that we've had. Everybody was wide awake and telling stories that just made me laugh and laugh. I did more listening than talking, but it was still a lot of fun. After that long drive we played golf. I started out stiff and it didn't get much better. I wasn't the only one though, all of us were stiff and we all played a little sloppy. Somehow we managed to shoot 5 over par playing best-ball.

Saturday we were going to have a tee time at 8:20, but the weather at 7:30 said that there was a nasty storm coming, and it did. There was a lot of lightning and thunder which kept us off the golf course until closer to 10 AM. We played another 18 holes of golf and it worked out pretty well, we finished 3 over par playing best-ball again and it started to sprinkle on the last hole. Our timing was perfect. We loaded the clubs back into the van and made it back to the condo just before the rain hit. The next hour and half was torrential downpours. I don't think we could have asked for a more perfect break in the weather to be able to play a round of golf.

The 2 days of 80 degree plus sunny weather though has gotten my face and neck sunburned and is wearing me out. I fell asleep watching the Nascar race this afternoon and ended up with close to an hour long nap. I'm up and blogging now, but I'm still really tired. We've got some fun plans for the evening though and I look forward to whatever it is that we end up doing.