Monday, April 10, 2006

Qualtiy time with Jonas

I've had some great quality time with Jonas this weekend. We spent some great time together playing, and picking up the house. We were working out in the yard Saturday, which was a lot of fun. He's been the biggest help around the house with everything. Setting the table, helping with dishes, picking up toys, He wants to do everything we do. He sits and watches us feed Jaden, he probably could even try to do that himself, if I wasn't so selfish and like doing it myself.

We also played guitar this weekend. I don't really play guitar, I only know a few chords, and I don't really know what I'm supposed to do with rythm, no matter what I'm doing I always seem to have the exact same rythm. I've got a lot of work left before I'm good enough on the guitar to play anything at all. Jonas on the other hand is getting an early start, maybe he'll be something great.

We've got so much more that I want to do yet this week. I want to get him outside every day if I can. He has a new bike to ride, and some baseball stuff from Christmas to break in, it would be easier if he could catch. Wednesday I am taking all the kids to get pictures, both as a group, and individual. I'm already telling myself not to freak out, because it will most definitely be the most expensive pictures I've ever bought.

Easter is just next weekend and we will have a party both on Saturday and Sunday (one for each family). I asked Jonas on Friday what Easter was about and he started telling me about the Easter bunny. I told him that Easter is also about a lot more though. It's about when Jesus came to life again. Then I started thinking about how difficult it was going to be to explain that to a 4 year old, so I simplified it. "Some bad people killed Jesus and he came back to life to save all of us so we can go to heaven. Easter is when he came back to life". Last night we were reading children's bible stories for bedtime and he wanted me to read to him about when the bad people killed Jesus, who is as big as God, according to Jonas. I decided to read him the story about the last supper first, tonight we'll cover the resurrection. The bible story book that we have is great. It's about 10 pages per store and they are really written well for kids.