Monday, April 24, 2006

My addictive friend

Baseball on the internet is my addictive friend. Tonight has been a tough night for me, being away from my fiance and children. Granted listening to the kids have a rough night of their own on the phone earlier made me a little grateful that I wasn't there, but I still miss them, even their screaming. I would hope that with me at home they wouldn't have been screaming quite as much because I could ahve helped to calm them and reduce the amount of stress in the situation. That's not me saying that Erin didn't do great, just being hopeful that with me there it may not have been quite as bad. Besides I miss them. Mostly I miss Erin. It's now 10:30 at home and she's sleeping in bed with family guy on TV and I'm not there to hold her and laugh at the stupid jokes on it.

Instead I'm here watching the most addictive night of baseball ever. I've got two different web browsers open monitoring games while watching one on TV. Oh yeah, and I'm listeneing to some music on my computer and blogging. Hrmm... I wonder if one or two more things would be enough to fill this gaping hole in my night. I doubt it. I can't think of what else I could do. I miss Erin. go sox.